Single Men in Missions, 1

Some things heard/theorized about single men and women in missions1. Men aren't in missions because they aren't in church. 2. More single women are in missions because opportunities are there; men take pastorates closer to home. 3. Emotional issues for single women in missions who reach 30s, 40s: unmarrieds, no kids. (Are these emotional issues for men? hidden?) 4. Single men in missions marry--other women in missions¬†or nationals. Single women mostly¬†do not marry nationals; go home instead. 5. What % of couples in orgs today started as singles? found singles within the org? otherwise? 6. Urbana: an equal % were filling out the forms. Why are an equal % not making it to the field? How to interview sample of Urbana participants, students, as follow up? 7. Role of parental pressure, levels of spiritual maturity. Is single men vs single women a real "issue" to solve? What are the implications? Updates