Random notes on exponential scalability

Photocopies vs. viral growth. Organics are never exact. Health: organisms are never "on/off" broken (as machines can be). They are more a % broken - "ill" or "fatally ill" that results in degradation until death. Organics must therefore gradually get "more healthy"--not "fixed" or "repaired." Growing sick and growing healthy are both slow processes. Organisms can mutate. Reproduction is not owned or limited by a manufacturing process (anyone can make a baby, whereas making an iPhone is an owned process). What you can manufacture can be engineered to specification; what you birth is uncontrolled in many ways, and must be guided/channeled after birth. All of this applies to churches and disciples, too: disciples are not iPhones, manufactured to specific settings. They have gifts, talents, predispositions, illnesses, and must be matured over time. Only organics (physical/spiritual reproduction) can scale to the size of populations through natural, organic processes.