How migration affects the mission of the church

Stetzer, Ed. "4 Ways migration impacts the mission of the church." Christianity Today, 3 Nov 2014. This article is written primarily about the way it affects the church in the United States. We should remember migration also impacts mission strategy: it may be very appropriate to send people on mission to Germany or the UK in order to reach migrant Persians or Turks or Somalis or Pakistanis there, for example. No longer can we assume that people working in nominally Christian countries are working with nominally Christian people; "who are you working with" must be the next question we ask.Also: Fox, Justin. "The World is still not flat." HBR Blog Network, 3 Nov 2014. Reports "the overwhelming majority of commerce, investment and other interactions still occur within--not between--nations." Very interesting is the chart at the bottom: immigrants calling home seem to drive a major portion of telephone traffic.