Global Cities: Present and Future 2014 Report

Global Cities, Present and Future2014 Global Cities index and emerging cities outlook A. T. Kearney, downloadable PDF, iPad, Kindle. Important report. But the PDF is only a downloadable summary; it does not include the individual indicators per city. Top 20 Cities New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Chicago, Beijing, Singapore, Washington, Brussels, Seoul, Toronto, Sydney, Madrid, Vienna, Moscow, Shanghai, Berlin, Buenos Aires. Top 10 Emerging Cities Jakarta, Manila, Addis Ababa, Sao Paulo, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Mumbai, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Beijing, Johannesburg, Kolkata, Istanbul, Cape Town, Chennai, Tunis, Dhaka, Caracas. Probably, these are the cities that would form the bulk of an updated Gateway Cities list. The "Human Capital" index takes into account the size of foreign-born population and so is a measure of diaspora. Business activity looks at among other things the number of top global companies in emerging countries.