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About Me

I am the Director of Research and Recruiting for Beyond. I’ve spent over 20 years in missions research.

About this website

This site is intended as an archive of various essays, publications, and blog posts. As anyone who’s a regular visitor knows, I’ve gone through a ton of versions over the years. I’ve faced a simple challenge: the most commonly used content management system is Wordpress, but Wordpress is designed around “themes.” I have never found a theme that really worked for the kind of content I tend to archive.

Then, just a week ago, I encountered a website that looked very similar in structure to what I had in mind. I thought for sure I’d finally found a Wordpress theme that would do what I wanted–only to discover this site was hard coded in flat files. I’d tried that a few times before; the most recent attempt was earlier this year. The challenge there: it was very hard to maintain the website, especially if styles changed.

In reading further, I discovered the world of site builders. Thus was re-born this website. The Roundups are mostly here, and all the back blog posts as well, but I have to go through and modify their titles so they show up properly in the index.