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International Day for the Unreached

Today is the first International Day for the Unreached. See the official website here. See the live event here. Beyond has put together a resource page here, which includes a pair of new videos (I think this one is really powerful), links … Continue reading

Globalization, Diaspora, and where the unreached are

Yes, the world is becoming more globalized. Diaspora (refugees, migrants, students, business people, tourists, etc) are in lots of places. The UN estimates there are over 250 million migrants in the world. BUT: most of the world’s non-Christians are still … Continue reading

What we mean by “unreached,” and the importance of reaching them

Although “unreached” has a technical definition, with complex nuances, sometimes when people use “unreached” they mean something very different. Exploring the different ways people can use “unreached” shows how easily we overlook or forget the people “unreached” is intended to … Continue reading

Another on how closure, unreached, reached, unevangelized, etc. are not Biblical terms

Recent conversations have reminded once again that the terms we use to define the task are not Biblical terms. They are barely Biblical concepts. We try to drive our understanding from Scripture, but these measures are always lacking in some … Continue reading

The nuances of the unreached definition

At a recent discussion forum around the definition of the unreached, I was reminded of some of the complexities and nuances involved. The term unreached has a long history (read a great review article in the latest issue of IJFM). … Continue reading

Unreached, non-Christians and friendship 

I am traveling and a bit jet lagged. I have been tossing and turning for a few hours, and my mind has settled on this thought. We have a lot of lists and talk about the Unreached, the unevangelized, the … Continue reading

Why the Unreached are Unreached: not just because people don't care

It’s important to remember one of the reasons the unreached are unreached is: they are difficult to reach. Access is a challenge. As an example, many people I know who work in one particularly populous South Asian nation have noted … Continue reading

Q. Should Churches send only to the unreached

Last Thursday I wrote that if you’re called to Italy you should Go to Italy. This was largely in response to an article on Upstream Collective about the dangers of focusing only on the unreached, as well as a personal … Continue reading

Go to Italy: or, the dangers of focusing only on the unreached

Yesterday, two things happened. And as a result I’m breaking my recent personal don’t-post-more-than-once-a-day rule. The first was this post, “The dangers of focusing only on the unreached.” I commented on the post, and Rodney Calfee responded to my reply. He notes, … Continue reading

Life among the Unreached, 11

1. A picturesque village near Sana’a, Yemen, a country devastated by war. 2. Churches in Aceh burned, 1 killed. 3. Hope in Hard Places: Afghanistan. World Vision. 4. Syria: everything you need to know about how we got here. CNN. … Continue reading