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If you're looking for a fact, stat, or piece of research & can't find it quickly, Email me. I'm serious.

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Data Sets

Low-Christian Provinces - Provinces < 2% Christian of any kind.

Occasional Posts

04/27 North Korea: knowing what we don't know
04/17 Higher case fatality rate implies smaller numbers of infected
01/17 Church growth, 1910 to 2010
01/16 Church growth vs. population sizes
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Longer Essays

Factors affecting the choice to go long-term
How movements count (PDF)
Where the population is declining, 2050-2100
Which populations will be cut in half
How to finish the task in 10 easy steps
The globalization of sending
Challenges and problems in the first 30 days

Curated Guides

Recommended Resources - charts, PDFs, etc.
Index of UPG Prayer Guides - all linked to PDFs etc.
Recommended Books - Missiology, etc.
Biographies - my links to bios of missionaries


I am attempting to keep a scan file on pandemic-related analysis and news from the less-reached portions of the world.


#204 - 15 May
#203 - 8 May
#202 - 1 May
#201 - April 24
#200 - April 17
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