More doubling

If one out of every ten groups in a movement plant a new group each year, the number of groups (and adherents, roughly) will double every 10 years.

If one out of every three groups in a movement plant a new group each year, then doubling will occur about once every three years.

If one out of every two, then every other year.

The reason a lot of traditional churches don’t see movement style growth is simply that they don’t do the things necessary to plant, reproduce (and they don’t see multiplication because they don’t teach others to do those same things). They do actions that are geared toward church growth – that is, the growth of the individual church. (Invitation, attraction, etc. to a central location.) So they are often very good (or perhaps middling, or very bad) at growing in numbers up to a local maximum–but never surpass the local maximum because they don’t do the sorts of (messy) things (outreach, dealing with messy people, planting new churches) that would allow them to massively surpass the local maximum.

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