50 years

I turned 50 years old just before the start of the pandemic. And as I have been reflecting back over my blog in the past couple of weeks, I have again come face to face with something that happened in the wake of that, and the pandemic, and all of the other things that have happened in this world: that I have stopped writing very much here.

I have continued to create and send the Roundup, which has been probably even more helpful to me than to you, my readers. It’s essential in my own learning to continue to scan broadly and track trend lines over extended periods of time. But while the Roundup has gone out, and some essays have been written, little else has been done.

Partly, I attribute that to all that’s happened over the past couple of years. But also, partly, I attribute it to the massive amount of one-off thinking that I’ve posted here over the past decade or two. Those former posts are, in a sense that I can’t quite define, serving as nebulous ‘block.’

That may seem silly, but it seems true to me. I keep thinking things like, ‘I’ve already written about that’—despite the fact that what has been written has been rather disorganized (and excused as such, by putting it in ‘blog’ or ‘observation’ or the like).

For the next 50 years, I’d like to get past that. So I’ve decided, as a bit of an experiment, to try something radical—a reset. I’ve archived out of public view the ‘observation’ or ‘blog’ posts, kept the essays and the back issues of the Roundup, and decided to, in a sense, ‘restart’ with a blank slate here.

Some of those ‘old’ articles may be revisited, edited, and republished in the future. Some will simply be left behind as no longer applicable. Hopefully, in the next 50 years, I can add some things that will better stand the test of time.

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