How I am (currently) reading books

Here’s a revision to my book reading strategy for the year (I’ve passed 26 so far, and realized given my current pace, some tweaks to the strategy were in order):

Goal #1: 50 to 100 re-reads

These have to be books that reinforce one of my algorithms/heuristics. They have to be books that (mostly) can be finished in a relatively short period of time. They have to be books I’m willing to buy in print, and read in print. I re-read to reinforce ideas I’ve thought about/investigated/learned earlier.

Goal #2: 50 full-length trials.

I mostly use Kindle for this. These are books that may become an annual re-read. This is an ‘initial read’—relatively quick, looking for principles & heuristics. By the time it gets to this level, I’m going to trust the data, so I’m not going to read through every single data point to get to the principle.

Goal #3: 50 to 100 “samples” or partial trials.

This is how I find new books. Given Kindle sample sizes, 3 samples is nearly the same as a full length book. I’m looking for something that grabs my attention (based on my intuition based on my experience). I should be able to find 2 or 3 heuristic examples at the beginning. If not, throw away. Record why/why not in a sample trial file (I currently keep this in Notes).

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