Should we invite our unsaved neighbors to come to church?

Should we encourage unsaved neighbors to read the Bible and try to obey it?

Should we encourage them to read the Bible with their families? With their friends? With their unsaved friends?

Should we encourage them to pray and try to obey what scripture says and see what happens as a result?

Should we encourage them to do this weekly? If they do this weekly with friends and family, does this make them a spiritual authority?

Should we do that? What are the possible results?

Now, what if we replace the words “unsaved neighbor” with “sinner”? Now, what if we replace “sinner” with “greedy” or “murderers” or “tax collectors” or “diseases” or “adulterers” or “homosexuals” or “thieves”?

At what point in the above list when you change the words do you start to say “no, we should not do this?”

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