Pools of Covid Risk will continue to have impact

The recent spike in cases in India (see “India breaks its single-case record with more than 100,000 new infections”) illustrates an ongoing situation: Covid-19 and its many variants are likely to sit in ‘pools’ of unvaccinated populations and continue to propagate. Each propagation will open up the possibility of new mutations and variations that will defeat existing immunizations.

This reality will almost certainly lead to some ongoing border controls between certain regions and countries, as well as issues around vaccines and vaccination passports. Many Western vaccination campaigns are proceeding apace, but once a country’s population is relatively well vaccinated, it may deem these less-immunized regions to be a risk.

This leads to the very real possibility of ongoing logistical challenges for mission agencies in deploying workers to less-reached (often less-developed) areas, as well as increased health risks in those areas (posing health insurance complexities as well). Additionally, these border controls could very well affect short-term trips and conference logistics.

Although I have seen no studies to this effect, I suspect the pandemic seriously damaged the economics of short-term trips for some agencies, and the current “wars, rumors of wars, crime, disease” trends around the world likely will continue to impact those economics in the near future.

Further examples

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