Roundup 180


Wars, recap

1 Sahel: recurring violent attacks rise, 4x higher than 2018 – Link
… Burkina Faso: skyrocketing attacks puts education on hold – Link
… Mali: Displaced by the Desert, expansion = broken families, violence in wake – Link
… Terror groups provoke Fulani-Dogon feuds in Mali – Link
… half a million displaced – Link

2 Nigeria: 10s of 1000s flee criminal groups, violence in Zamfara state – Link

3 Turkey/Syria/Iraq
… Conflict traps refugees in an exodus to nowhere – Link
… Border towns pay heavy price for incursion – Link
… A cease fire was negotiated – Link
… The cease-fire is regularly being broken – Link
… Christian aid groups vow to stay after withdrawal – Link
… 100s crossed the border into Iraq seeking safety – Link
… A forecast of “10 ways America’s situation in the Middle East will get worse” – Link

4 Libya: Qaddafi has been dead 8 years, war goes on – Link
… what went wrong?

5 Afghanistan: Al Qaeda expanding its presence – Link
… mosque bombing kills 62 worshippers – Link
… “The shattered Afghan dream of peace” – Longread – Link
… little help for conflict-linked trauma – Link
… new intra-Afghan peace talks to be held in China – Link

6 Myanmar: military atrocities “relentless and ruthless” in Shan State – Link
… Rohingya in Bangladesh: “no one is coming to help us” – Link

7 Yemen: ‘fragile’ hope: violence declining, humanitarian aid growing – Link

8 Sudan: Women and girls face sexual violence in South Sudan despite peace deal – Link
… “Some of the highest levels of violence in the world”

9 Somalia: “peace building another victim of climate change?” – Link
… “Little Mogadishu on the Mississippi”: a look at Somali Americans in MN – Link

10 DR Congo: 100s of 1000s who fled violence, in desperate need as lean season approaches – Link

11 Ukraine: thousands marched to protest peace plan – Link
… “The cost of the Trump aid freeze” – more bits on the war – “has killed 13,000 people, put a large part of the country under Russia’s control and dragged on for five years almost forgotten by the outside world”

Rumors of war and Civil unrest, recap

Single issues sent protesters to the streets across the globe, wider discontent is keeping them there – Link
… “highly organized, persistent movements”
… “students have played a key role in the protests”

“Is an economic boom, followed by a slump, behind the L Amer protests?” Link

1 HK: protests will have “unbearable and devastating consequences” says Chinese state media – Link
… China making the point that economics will run away from HK eventually. I suspect they are aiming this argument at the business community.
… “narrative that one-party rule is the basis for prosperity” – Link
… The Hong Kong protests, explained: a brief primer – Link
… HK govt withdraws bill that originally sparked crisis – Link
… reports allege China seeking to replace Lam next year – Link
… originally refused her resignation but escalation of protests has changed their mind?

2 Russia: cracking down on protesters, and people who write about protesters – Link

3 Chile: thousands in violent protests paralyze Santiago, 15 dead – Link
… protests began over hike in subway prices, reveal deep anger over economic inequality …
… video of the chaos, via Al Jazeera – Link
… government declares state of emergency – Link

4 Lebanon: a proposed WhatsApp tax reveals fury at political elites – Link
… “all the latest updates” via Al Jazeera – Link
… army voices support for the protesters – Link

5 Algeria regime steps up repression against protesters – Link
… “resorting to pre-hearing detentions”

6 Ethiopia: “protests threaten to mar image of Nobel-winning leader” – Link

7 Iraq: death toll rises to 93 amid ongoing protests – Link
… “nationwide protests
… largest seen in decades …”
… today, rubber bullets, water cannons , tear gas as protests resume – Link
… “poised to face a new phase of unrest after heavy-handed crackdown” – Link

8 Bolivia: “There could be war”: protests over elections roil nation – Link

9 Ecuador: deal reached to end protests that left 7 dead – Link

10 Catalan, Spain: Protests grow more violent – Link
… “slipping the reigns of jailed leaders …”

11 Venezuela’s water supply is collapsing – Link

12 Indonesia: at a school for suicide bombers’ children, dancing, drawing and deradicalization – Link
… “Amid fears of an ISIS renewal, Indonesia is trying to keep extremism from being passed on to the next generation.”

13 Crisis in Haiti pushes country to the brink of collapse – Link

14 India Kashmir – militants are trying to shut down the local economy in protest over New Delhi’s actions, and the fruit trade is getting drawn into it, with violent results – Link

New Events

Central Asia / Caucasus

Tajikistan’s massive Rogun hydropower dam: a blessing or a curse? Link
… “so big that the World Bank says the country simply can’t afford it”

Saudi / Israel / Lebanon / Syria / Gulf

Saudi Arabia sees little progress on religious freedom despite claims of reform – Link
… “Vision 2030 fails to bring any meaningful progress on the issue of religious freedom”


Arba’een pilgrimage becomes a power play between Iran, Iraq – Link
… est. 15 million pilgrims, 1:4 from Iran

Iran’s GDP down 9.5% in the past year, steepest decline in 3 decades – Link


More than 1 billion people celebrate Diwali worldwide – Link

Nepal / Bhutan / Tibet

Nepal said “no” to China on extradition treaty, protecting Tibetans – Link


ChinaSource Quarterly 21:3 – “China and Africa” – lots of great pieces – Link

Why the CCP views religious belief as a threat – Link
… “If all of this seems to be a farfetched over-reaction to a non-existent threat and overreach by the CCP, then that’s because it is. But it is also important to recognise the role of ideology and propaganda in China…”

Haaretz has a horrific testimony of what goes on inside China’s labor camps – Link

Megachurch demolished in China, pastors detained – Link

China extends 144-hour visa-free transit policy to more cities – Link

Southeast Asia

New HRW report on Thailand: “‘To speak out is dangerous’: the criminalization of peaceful expression in Thailand” – Link

New Data

Another projection of religious affiliation in the USA in 2030 and beyond – Link
… “nones” surpass “evangelicals” as a % between 2020 and 2025

9 of the 10 fastest shrinking populations are in East and Southeast Europe – Link

Pew: Views of minorities across Europe – Link

More rich Chinese than Americans in the top 10% for the first time – Link

Projecting the world’s top 10 cities in 2025 – Link

2019: the tipping point when the world “became mostly old and mostly rich” – I found this piece interesting not just for the analysis but also for the methodology of the double quadrant. It needs some slightly better visual graphics. Link

Global trends in youth poverty – Link

Longer reads

Resources for Intl Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2019, November 3 – Link

Stratfor ($): Responding to Gangs in Brazil’s two largest cities – Link
… “Latin America accounts for 1/3 of the world’s homicides, with only 8% of the world’s population”
… “criminal violence has a profound impact on societies throughout Latin America”
… “since 2000, more than 2.5 million Latin Americans have been murdered”
… “Brazil has 14 of the world’s most violent cities”

Persecuted and Forgotten? A report on Christians oppressed for their faith, 2017-19. PDF

Bethany University launched an online course on how to be a mission mobilizer – Link
… I haven’t watched the videos myself yet, but the topics look useful. About 100 minutes for the whole thing.
… h/t Mission Catalyst (link). If you aren’t subscribed to them, you should be.

Video: Lost Legacy Reclaimed: about the first 5 centuries of the church, and the many Christians and Christian leaders in Africa. This looks like it’s going to be a great series. (Again, h/t Mission Catalyst) – Link

Lifehack, Leadership

“The ultimate productivity hack is saying no.” Link

The leader as coach – Link


CBInsights: 14 Trends shaping Tech – PDF

CBInsights: AI Trends in 2019 – PDF

NordVPN confirms it was hacked – Link
… Avast was hacked, too – Link
… both hacked by forgotten/unknown user accounts that granted remote internal access – Link

In response to anti-Semitic attacks, online anonymity increasingly under threat in Europe – Link

In China, you can no longer buy a smartphone without a face scan – Link

How researchers got inside 1,400 private WhatsApp groups (focused on the Indian election) [and what they found] – Link

Facebook will reportedly launch a news tab on Friday (today) – Link

Apple may launch AR glasses in 2020 – Link


“We’ve been expecting our church services to be the witnesses when we were told that we ourselves would be his witnesses.” -@MinistryNinja, Reaching the Unreached

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