Cuts in refugee policy

The recent cuts in the number of refugees who will be accepted in the United States remind us that we shouldn’t rely on governments and governmental policy to do our job for us.

We have often over the past few years said “the nations are coming to us” – refugees, asylum seekers, international students, business people, tourists, and so forth – with a hint of “we don’t have to go to them.” Cuts in refugee policies and changes in the general political and economic climate (which keep tourists, international students, and business people away) demonstrate the fragility of that approach.

While it’s always good to “work while it is day”, sometimes day comes to an end. A trend ceases. A window closes. While it’s important to reach out to the foreigners around us, we need to remember the Great Commission says “Go” (or “as you are going”). If we lose the willingness and capacity to go, we cut ourselves off from a key verb in the command.

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