There is a solution

If you’re here, it’s probably because you are interested in at least two things: (1) missions and (2) the unreached.

You probably resonate with the simple problem that I articulate over and over again: there are people, in our world, who live their entire lives out of reach of the Gospel.

There are no Christians, churches, or Gospel influences near them. They have no Christian family members. It is not unreasonable to think they will live their entire lives without once ever hearing the Gospel, or perhaps even the name of Jesus.

The total number of people in this situation is over 2 billion – depending on how you count, even well higher than that. Reaching them is not a simple challenge.

But there is a simple solution that is cost-effective and scalable: multiplying movements, where the Gospel moves from far-believers (apostolic agents, missionaries, mobile evangelists, etc, who bring the gospel “near”) to near-believers (people who share roughly the same culture, language and location as the unreached), and from those near-believers to non-believers, who become disciples.

In turn, those new believers spread their new faith to others. These new believers and those who disciple them walk together in faith and make disciples, who make disciples.

This becomes a rapidly multiplying movement that spreads from person to person, house to house, until an entire location and language (place and people) are reached.

This is not impossible. The agency I work with has seen multi-generational movements happen. I have documented over 1,000 movements that are happening now, worldwide. It is possible. It is happening, now.

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