Roundup 165

New events

North Africa

Chad: a day in the life of a de-miner – Link

… govt forces retake some Haftar gains – Link
… slow-walking into another Yemen – Link
… two wars: on the battlefield, on Facebook – Link
… Libya Telecoms analysis: ‘crippled’ – Link
… Analysis: social media+conflict in L – Link

Tunisia: Twin suicide bombings – Link

West Africa

6/16, 24+ killed by Boko Haram attack in N Cameroon – Link

Nigeria sees attacks by two groups – Link
… Boko Haram AND the Islamic State of West Africa Province

Mali: 95 Christians killed by Fulani militants – Link

Mauritania cracks down on protestors – Link
… “high tension following the disputed election”

East Africa/Horn

Ethiopia: Top military leaders killed in suspected coup attempt – Link
… “dozens killed” – Link
… military deployed. Internet cut, again.
… Reuters explainer on ethnic militias – Link

Sudan: How an Internet blackout has affected the ability to protest – Link
… and, “Dates and bullets: Sudan in the grip of the RSF militia” – Link

Uganda tightens border with DRC after 2nd Ebola death confirmed – Link

Can Uganda build a livable city out of a refugee camp? Link

Central Asia

Photos of Kyrgyzstan – Link
… “the beauty of the south”: there are some gorgeous landscapes here.

Kazakhstan gets a new leader, but… – Link
… old system’s grip on power remains.
… and: police crackdown on protestors as activism keeps rising – Link

The women who came home – Link
… Kazakhstan tries to rehabilitate Islamic State returnees

West Asia/Gulf

“Faces of War”: Kurdistan’s armed struggle against the Islamic State – Link
… set of amazing photographs and brief stories of the fighters

Lebanon: Anti-Syrian refugee sentiment rising – Link
… “authorities have ordered demolition of anything in refugee camps that could be a permanent home”
… and, “Forced to demolish their own homes, Syrian refugees in Lebanon seek new shelter” – Link

Turkey: Istanbul election redo led to stunning, stinging Erdogan defeat – Link
… “a political quake in Turkey” – Link

South Asia

Afghanistan: Over 3 million Afghans have returned home since 2012 – Link
… over 2.2 million have left the country during the same period

India: Muslim man was beaten to death – Link
… “Tied to a lamppost, beaten for 12 hours, forced to chant Hindu slogans”

Pakistan “plays down accusations of Christian persecution” – Link
… “claims ‘individual incidents’”

East Asia


Hong Kong protestors “go dark” to avoid surveillance – Link
… disable location tracking, buy train tickets with cash, purge social media

Chengdu: home to a $300 billion “rainbow” economy – Link
… “the capital of Sichuan has become a haven for the LGBT community”

China’s long hot summer of censorship – Link

Shanghai Sacred – Link
… a photo essay of Shanghai’s religious revival

Southeast Asia

Thailand: Chiang Mai, “rose of the north”, is wilting – Link
… 10 million tourists, 60k retirees

New Data

8 ways urban stats are changing – Link
… on the other hand, some nuance due to the way “urban” and “rural” are defined – Link

The Arab world in 7 charts – Link
… turning its back on religion?
… And, Arab world is losing its religion in response to Islamists – Link

More than half of the Arab world’s young adults want to emigrate – Link

World Drug Report 2019 released – Link
… “2/3rds of global drug deaths are from opioids”
… and, cocaine hit record production levels in 2017 – Link

The most expensive cities for expats – Link
… #1 is Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Longer reads

Hacking the workout journal – Link
… this is an extremely simple and workable approach to journaling exercise patterns. I wonder if it wouldn’t be equally useful to journaling outreach & evangelism patterns?

If you want to do a time journal, here’s a very simple and useful PDF – Link

Politics aside, here’s an interesting survey of China’s investment in African ports. It’s not just Djibouti, which gets a lot of press – Link


Only 1 person in Sudan has Internet access.
… Ethiopia’s Internet was cut again.
… Myanmar cut access in Rakhine state
… Government imposed blackouts are a “power move” to suppress dissent – Link
… The numbing experience living through Africa’s growing Internet shutdowns – Link

Bluetooth beacons used to watch shoppers – Link
… but requires store app, so limited surveillance

“The trouble starts if Facebook’s online currency succeeds” – Link

Chinese Space Station slated to be operational in 2022 – Link

Humans can’t watch all the surveillance cameras, so computers are – Link

Quartz on “cash deserts” – Link
… “89% of S Korea consumer payments are cashless…”
…places where banks have fled and ATMs regularly run dry…”
… “paper money is an oddity in Chinese cities…”

The Pentagon has a unique laser that can identify a person from at up to 200 feet by the unique signature of their heartbeat – Link

City ransomware attacks and huge payouts to get data back – Link
… three cities have fallen victim, 6-figure ransoms.
… “corporations have been quietly fighting the battle for years”

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