Roundup 146

New events


Libya: substantial civilian casualties in Derna, humanitarian chief deeply concerned – Link


Four humanitarian challenges for DR Congo’s new leader – Link

Sierra Leone faces a culture of rape – Link


Report on deadly terror attack at luxury Nairobi (Kenya) complex – Link

In northern Kenya, al-Shabab militants target Christian teachers – Link


Women in Saudi Arabia must now be informed if they’ve been divorced – Link
… So that’s all right, then.


Why the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj is the festival to end all festivals – Link
… “Tens of millions attend Kumbh Melas… Prayagraj has become the largest…”
… India’s govt boosts massive Hindu festival, eyeing election – Link
… India’s mega-Hindu festival begins under cloud of toxic air pollution – Link
… Dirty air: how India became the most polluted country on earth – Link

A family tragedy captures life on the Afghan front line – Link
… Richard Haass: “Agonizing over Afghanistan”: a clear look at realities – Link
… “The Taliban made me fight”: what to do with child recruits after they serve time – Link

Afghanistan voted most religious country in the world; Pakistan, #6 – Link

Pakistan: In a Muslim-majority country, a Hindu goddess lives on – Link
… every spring, 40k come to honor the goddess Sati and cleanse their sins through rituals…


SCMP: Asia is ‘new hotbed of Christian persecution’ – Link
… ‘situation in China worst since cultural revolution, Open Doors Worldwatch List claims’
… ‘seems to be forcing Christians into NKorean model: weak, small, invisible, deep under’

“In China, they’re closing churches, jailing pastors—and even rewriting Scripture” – Link
… “A new state translation of the Bible will establish a ‘correct understanding’ of the text”

China’s Muslims fear crackdown in ancient city of Xi’an: “You can’t be too careful” – Link

North Korea: civilian suffering remains rife, warns UN rights expert – Link


Sorcery and black magic are alive in Cambodia, and worth killing over – Link

Christians in Vietnam terrorized by government for refusing to bow to Buddha – Link

#Religious Climate in Sending Countries

Economist: Missionaries from the global South try to save the godless West – Link

Pew: Black Muslims account for 20% of all US Muslims, 50% are converts – Link

USA: govt pulls back, charities step in to help released migrants – Link

Raw Data / Resources / Collections

Open Doors 2019 World Watch List now out – Link

Pew map: 30 countries where heads of state must belong to a certain religion – Link


Jon Hirst: Five tech trends that will impact mission – Link

Economist: a pivotal time for embattled religious minorities in the Middle East – Link

What to do when an investor implodes – Link

… is a q that missions can ask about donors and church donors

… church splits, scandals, theological changes, etc

… back in 1700s/1800s group for Myanmar changed denominations

Ray Dalio: 9 common sense rules for getting the most out of meetings – Link

You need to unlearn – Link
… “Much of what happened in the past no longer applies. Consciously accepting this fact and doing something about it is powerful.”

Future, Tech

Steven Feldstein: How artificial intelligence is reshaping repression – Link

Tim O’Reilly: “Gradually, then suddenly”: How tech change happens – Link

How a Colombian IT guy helped US take down El Chapo, the drug kingpin – Link
… proprietary system created by an IT specialist. They compromised the IT specialist.
… one lesson: don’t go with proprietary systems that can be impacted by a single player

Learning China’s forbidden history, so they can censor it – Link
… Thousands of low-wage workers in censorship factories

Never mind killer robots: here are 6 real AI dangers to watch out for in 2019 – Link
… self-crashing cars, political manipulation bots, algorithms for peace, surveillance face-off, deep fakes 

Largest cellphone carriers in US to limit sales of location data – Link
… After disclosures that information could be used to track people without consent
… this is how people can be tracked in other places, too…

Tweets give away more location data than you think – Link

But, before you trust IP mapping and tracking, read this horror story – Link
… IP mapping and tracking can be wildly off.

Worldwide Iranian hacking spree uses DNS trickery to nab data – Link

Arborists using cloning to bring the “dinosaur of trees’ back to life – Link

The Blind Spot – Link
… “It’s tempting to think science gives a God’s-eye view of reality. But we forget the place of human experience at our peril”
… Science cannot grapple with an ultimate First Cause.


“Persecution is good for people who love Jesus deeply. But it is not good for the people who love Jesus just a little bit.” ~A persecuted pastor in China

“Everyone says they want community and friendship, but when that means accountability or commitment people run the other way.” ~Tim Keller

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