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New Blog Posts

Considering slowing population growth – Link

Invite the church – Link

Too high a cost to reach the unreached – Link

New events


Is Sisi good for Egypt’s Christians? Link
… Cathedrals open, but believers face persecution, even martyrdom


More than 30,000 flee Boko Haram violence in NE Nigeria – Link
DRC: Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi declared the new president
… but there is suspicion that Kabila cut a deal with Tshisekedi
… Catholic Church, with 40k election observers, found the other candidate the clear winner


Christians in Somalia worship in secret, fearing Al-Shabaab – Link


Saudi Arabia’s enduring male guardianship system – Link


Turkey is becoming less religious under the AKP – Link


India’s lower house passes citizenship bill despite protests – Link … grant exemptions to illegal Hindu immigrants from other countries to India


Received reports of more workers being evicted from China.
Arrest of Canadian makes many Western academics afraid to visit China – Link
How the State Is Co-Opting Religion in China – Link
Where Did the One Million Figure for Detentions in Xinjiang’s Camps Come From? – Link
China passes law to ‘Sinicize’ Islam within next five years – Link
The cone of silence around China’s Muslim ‘gulags’ – Link
‘If you enter a camp, you never come out’: inside China’s war on Islam – Link
China ‘to let thousands of ethnic Kazakhs leave Xinjiang’ – Link
… intended to neutralize yet another voice for the Uighurs
Inside China’s unofficial churches faith defies persecution – Link
China’s population ‘to peak’ in 2029 at 1.44 billion – Link


Myanmar: Buddhist mob attacks Christians celebrating Christmas – Link
Laos: “Christians living in remote areas frequently harassed, expelled from their homes” – LInk

#Religious Climate in Sending Countries

Where is Christianity headed? The view from 2019 – Link
… “In the U.S., a narrative of religious decline and growing secularism is culturally popular… but what are the deeper trends and challenges beneath the headlines that are likely to shape the future of faith?… White U.S. congregations are withering… where there is growth, it is driven mostly by nonwhites… Globally, Christianity is re-centering its footprint and becoming a non-Western religion…”

Raw Data / Resources / Collections

Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2018 Report – Link

Eurasia Group Report: Top Risks for 2019 – Link

UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Human Persons 2018 – Link
… “most of the victims detected across the world are females, mainly adult women but increasingly girls …”


Spanish evangelicals opened 16 new worship places every month in 2018 – Link
… evangelicals are the religious minority with the greatest presence in the country
… Also: for secular/Catholic France, a shock to the system: the rise of the evangelicals (2009) – Link

Urbana faces the challenge of calling Men Z to missions – Link

Jason Mandryk – Give your church a vision for the world – church bulletin inserts – Link

The War on Christmas – from Open Doors – 5 countries where Christmas is illegal – Link

Reaching North Korea through faith and work – Link

“The greatest sales deck I’ve ever seen” – Link

My friend David Joannes launches new Missions Pulse podcast – Link

Future, Tech

Vietnam says Facebook violated its controversial cybersecurity law – Link

… by allowing users to post anti-government comments on the platform

Google Assistant’s new “interpreter” translator mode – Link

The people spending millions seeking exploits for secure chat apps – Link

Facial recognition remains tempting but toxic for tech companies – Link


“Sometimes, we’re so eager to have an opinion that we skip the step of working to understand.” ~ Seth Godin

“Twenty percent of what I’m telling you is probably wrong. The problem is that I don’t know which twenty percent it is.” ~N.T. Wright

“Sincerity means that the appearance and the reality are exactly the same.” ~Oswald Chambers

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