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John Chau: failure, martyr, or what? – Link
… everyone and their brother (and sister) are weighing in on this. Me = different tack.

Questions about whether a group is reached – Link
… really: are we questioning our questions?

Graph: National populations by % Christian stage for 1950, 2000, 2050 – Link

Defining a missiological breakthrough – Link
… how we define the goal is important

Graph: Changes: Regional populations from 1900 to 2100 – Link
… The big story is Africa.

Investment times: how long we must wait for ROI – Link

4 types of people critical to movements – Link

New events

#War, Unrest, Conflict

Life under Gang Rule in El Salvador – Link
… over 3 years, gang violence = 20,000 killed: more than Libya, Somalia or Ukraine
… maras, or criminal gangs, are active in 94% of the 262 municipalities
Nigeria: fresh Boko Haram attacks in Maiduguri – Link
… Brother against brother: Boko Haram purges moderates, becomes more extreme – Link
Excellent map on who controls what in Libya – Link
Iranians say “Death to America” chant should not be taken literally – Link
Rebuilding Mosul: Iraqi women take the wheel – Link
Peshawar, Pakistan: suicide bomb at near festival, market kills 25 – Link
Bangladesh: “low media profile hides extremely violent, deadly conflict landscape” – Link


10s of 1000s left to starve as Mali conflict escalates – Link

India suffering the ‘worst water crisis in its history’ – Link
… 163 million in India lack access to clean water in their home
… ‘as ground water runs short, water battles grow in parched Chennai’
… 10 countries account for 60% of water shortages


On the death of John Chau
John Chau, Missions and Fools. Ed Stetzer, CT.
Slain missionary prepared more than we thought, but are missionaries still fools? WPost.
JD Payne interviews Dr. Scott James on infectious diseases and isolated peoples. Link
All Nations clears up false assumptions about Chau’s mission work. Link

Turkey: Call to prayer is a daily reminder of religious, political shift – Link

Inside North Korea: everyday life in the secretive state, in pictures – Link

How China’s rulers control society: opportunity, nationalism, fear – Link
… Uighur children taught native language far from homeland, many in Istanbul – Link
… “Ningxia learns from Xinjiang how to fight global terrorism” – Link

SCMP: ‘Aggressive ultranationalism’ driving attacks on religious freedom in China, India, says Catholic group – Link

#Crimes, Structures of Sin, Poverty

Nigeria: Politicians have failed us: the despair of Nigeria’s poor – Link
Why Pakistan has one of the highest abortion rates in the world – Link
How one Indian city cracked the problem of haphazard urban spread – Link

#Access Platforms

UAE seeks rich, educated expatriates with long-term visa scheme – Link
Decades after clashing with the Klan, a thriving Vietnamese community in Texas – Link
African diaspora communities keeping the faith in Australia – Link
Fearing espionage, US weighs tighter rules on Chinese students – Link

#Religious climate in sending countries

America’s epidemic of empty churches – Link

Raw Data / Resources / Collections

Graphed: where the world’s refugees came from in 2017, and where they’re heading – Link
IEA: Less than a billion people lack access to electricity – Link
All the world’s billionaires in a single map – Link


The de-Europeanization of American Christianity – Keelan Cook
God wants Ethiopians to prosper: the spread of the prosperity Gospel. Economist
3 Simple Steps to actually stick with good habits – James Clear

Future, Tech

The widely spoken languages we still can’t translate online – Link
… and some things DARPA is doing to address that issue, especially in crises
The insect apocalypse is here – Link
… a lot fewer bugs: what it means for the rest of life on Earth
Pew: teens who are constantly online just as likely to socialize w/their friends offline – Link
China: Social credit score is blocking “tons” of people from booking flights – Link
… Beijing to judge every resident by behavior by end of 2020 – Link
… “Citizens with poor scores will be ‘unable to move’ a step”
… “people with bad credit blocked from booking 11 million flights, 4 million train rides”
… That’s the idea, anyway. FP says the system “isn’t real” (“yet”) – Link
WhatsApp is changing the way India talks about food – Link
… farmers are creating chat groups to share agricultural information by district
Researchers create ‘fake’ master fingerprints to unlock smartphones – Link
Hydrogen powered trains now running in Germany – Link 

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