Roundup 139

New events

#War, Unrest, Conflict

Afghanistan: Taliban attacks in western Farah, 20 dead, 25 missing – Link
… part of another surge in attacks around the country: 60 killed in 8 provinces
Pakistan-Iran border: trouble between nations in Baluch-dominated areas – Link
Nigeria: There has been a steady increase in Boko Haram attacks.
Yemen: attacks redoubled, famine still looms – Link


Turkey’s skyrocketing food prices show no sign of slowing – Link
Why India isn’t fixing its toxic smog problem – Link
Is the European refugee crisis over? Link
… number has seen a dramatic decline since its peak in 2015 


Continued, multiple reports of workers being ejected from China. India’s ruling BJP turns up nationalist heat with renaming, statue plans – LinkAsia Bibi, acquitted of blasphemy charges, was released from jail in Pakistan on Thursday – but here whereabouts remain a closely guarded secret. She is right now banned from leaving the country, and if found would certainly be killed. This is a highly dangerous situation. My read: the government effectively capitulated to Islamist radicals (who were part of the faction that got PM Khan elected) by not allowing her to leave the country while releasing her from prison; if the radicals find her, it would turn a blind eye to her assassination. ReleasedCan’t Leave2016’s emergency laws restricted religious freedoms of Muslims more than others – LinkEgypt: anger after massacre of Christian pilgrims – Link
… Government forces kill 19 involved in the massacre – Link
… Sisi orders review of law curbing NGOs – LinkIraq: School bells ring again at Mosul’s Christian school – LinkUganda: Catholics protest as archbishop asks government to enforce tithe – LinkVietnam’s forgotten Montagnard Christians – Link
… persecuted in Hanoi, locked up in Bangkok …

#Crimes, Structures of Sin

International crime gangs amass ‘staggering’ profits in conflict zones – Link

Raw Data / Resources / Collections

Pew: Eastern, Western Europeans differ on importance of religion – Link
… Eastern European countries see religion as a key component of national identity Cities: 50 global superstar cities outperform peers in per capita GDP, etc – Link
… (see toward bottom of article)
… several of these are worthy of BAM focus, will attract globalization work, and are majority non-Christian


Six tips for working in an all distributed team – Link
… especially in our world of decentralized mission teams, this can inform efforts On the trail of Sichuan’s Catholic past – Link
… the remote southwest province is home to some of China’s oldest and most well-preserved Catholic Churches

UPG Stories

China: How singles’ day became the world’s biggest shopping event – Link“This Diwali, I am reassessing my faith in Hinduism and what I want to teach my daughter about religion” – Link

Future, Tech

Freedom on the Net 2018 Report – LinkChina’s Maxim: Leave no access point unexploited – Link
… “The hidden story of China Telecom’s BGP hijacking”
… worst-case scenario: China can read (some) email, etc, in transit?
… briefer summary from Security Week – LinkChina’s Internet censorship is influencing digital repression around the world – Link
… Xi Jinping calls for ‘fairer Internet’ = Beijing with bigger role in shaping the web – LinkChina ‘gait recognition’ tech: recognize people by how they walk – Link
… lip-reading technology can read what they say – LinkIsrael: Cyber attacks increasingly penetrating Israeli politics – Link“China’s brightest children are being recruited to develop AI ‘killer bots’” – Link


“We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.” ~Ravi Zacharias 

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