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I’m running a series on counting movements:
1, How we count believers and churches in many denominations (in the West) – Link
2, Counting 4 generations in our immediate view: “grandparents” to “grandchildren” – Link
3, Counting 3 types of movement: potted plants, bushes, and sycamore trees – Link

Events, Data Points in Trends

#War, Unrest, Conflict

Militant activity rises in the Sahel – Link
Bangladesh, Myanmar agree to begin Rohingya repatriation by November – Link
… “despite genocide warning” – Link
UN peace mission in Western Sahara extended by six months – Link
Saudi-led coalition masses troops near Yemen’s Hodeidah – Link
… How the war in Yemen became a bloody stalemate – NYT Interactive
… The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War: haunting photography, bearing witness – Link
Ethiopia: tensions high in Oromia following clashes between militia, security forces – Link
Somalia: Al-Shabab former #2 runs for office – Link
… nation raising new force to fight Al Shabaab – Link
… “security has fallen apart… at the brink of falling into the hands of Al Shabab again…”
A creeping coup d’etat in Pakistan – Link

Why track wars, unrest, and militant activity? Impacts unreached & missions effort.
Cameroon: Homes, villages burned as separatists targeted – Link
… USA Baptist missionary killed in region – Link

#ReligiousFreedom, religio-nationalism

Gloves off: India’s ruling party underlines Hindu ambitions as elections near – Link

Pakistani High Court acquits Asia Bibi – Link
… will [undoubtedly] leave the country – Link
Islamist party calls for death of judge who freed Asia Bibi – Link
… Protests broke out in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
PM attacks hardliners, appeals for peace – Link

“China’s Bad Old Days are back”: why Xi Jinping is ramping up repression – Link
… “Changes and challenges: understanding 3 decades of Chinese church growth” – Link
WPost: Chinese leaders tried before to assimilate the Uighurs – Link
… “This time it might work.”
Red Tourism brings history alive in China – Link
China tries to woo a sprawling diaspora – Link
… The rise of Chinese nationalism, the “Chinese” dream, is a form of religio-nationalism?

China prevents 100 Protestant leaders from leaving China to attend event – Link
… Also: receiving numerous (multiple 10s) reports of families being asked to leave China.

#Crimes, Structures of Sin

Allegedly, organized crime kills more people than terrorism in the UK – Link
… and, at a guess, probably more people in most countries. This is an example.
Nigeria loses $7 billion annually to maritime piracy – Link
… haven’t ever heard of a mission ship coming up against pirates, surprised I haven’t. 


Iran turns to tourism to earn hard currency, create jobs – Link
… encouraging tourism between neighbors and Iran 

Raw Data / Resources / Collections

“Gen Alpha”: the first generation born entirely within the 21st Century – Link
… birth dates starting in 2010, 2.5m born each week, 2 billion worldwide by 2025 

PDF: a comprehensive report on robotization – Link

Visualizing the world’s population in 3D – Link
… this is a mind-blowing visualization in your web browser.

Largely uncounted: the number of refugees and migrants who die on their journey – Link
… Associated Press has documented 56,800, and this is a “basement figure”


“Use these 9 critical iPhone privacy and security settings right now” – Link
… I have nearly all of these enabled. I don’t typically receive 2FA notes via SMS; I use the Google Authenticator app instead. 

“10 psychology findings that reveal the worst of human nature” – Link
… yes, missionaries have these too. We are none of us righteous, no, not one …

Romania: In the land of Dracula, witches work as “life coaches” for the supernatural – Link

MissioNexus ‘Anthology’ has a new issue on networks which I will be reading – Link

Future, Tech

“Can AI help stop religious violence”? Link
… really, AI being used to model sectarian divisions, in order to analyze them, much like FiveThirtyEight models elections 

An AI lie detector is going to start questioning travelers in the EU – Link

California permits Waymo to test driverless cars on its streets – Link
Ford, Baidu start self-driving road tests in China – Link
… Shanghai: first Chinese city to allow autonomous trucks – Link
By end of 2018, Phoenix will be able to summon an autonomous robo-taxi by phone – Link
Waymo says personal self-driving cars will take much longer – Link
Facial recognition tech is ready for its post phone future – Link

8 facts about Americans and Facebook – Link
… 2/3rds of US adults use FB, 3/4 visit the site daily, half of America’s teens use it
… “How to take back your Facebook News Feed” – Link

Saudi Arabia is using cutting-edge technology to track dissidents and stifle dissent – Link
… “as sophisticated spyware has proliferated around the globe, Saudi Arabia has emerged as one of its biggest users…”

China: No WeChat, No Access – Link
… China’s digital revolution is leaving behind its elderly population
Insights into the social credit system on Chinese online media vs its portrayal in Western media – Link
… long read that I haven’t finished yet, but useful for understanding the reality on the ground
China’s Sharp Eyes surveillance system focuses on shaming – Link
… “When a resident of Anxi village in China’s southwest Sichuan province set fire to a pile of rubbish two years ago, a loudspeaker barked his name and ordered him to put the blaze out. He extinguished the flames and scuttled away.”

“iPhones are not destroying teenagers’ – Link


“Unforgiveness is the poison we drink hoping others will die.” ~Unknown 

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ~Bruce Lee

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ~C.S. Lewis

“If you wait until all your shortcomings are remedied, your dreams will die. All our advances are with a limp.” ~John Piper

“The gospel is not good advice but good news. It is not primarily teaching us how to live, but an offer of Life.” ~E. Stanley Jones

“Is this going to be a real friendship or American friendship?” ~question from a Muslim, quoted by Dan Bouchelle

“A man who is intimate with God is not intimidated by man.” ~Leonard Ravenhill

“Jesus said ‘Follow me’ and ended up with a lot of losers. And these losers ended up, through no virtue or talent of their own, becoming saints. Jesus wasn’t after the best but the worst.” ~Eugene Peterson

“Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.” ~C. S. Lewis

“Look for friends who will pray bigger things for you than you could ever pray for yourself.” ~@desiringGod

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