Roundup 135

Events, Data Points in Trends

North-West Africa

Christians face trial in Algeria over wife’s accusations of evangelizing – Link
… a long, complicated story that reveals some on the ground realities

North Africa / Warring States

UK troops sent to Africa’s jihadist belt to fight extremism and migration – Link
… troop deployment highlights increase in violence, danger in Sahel region

Libyan coast remains fertile ground for ISIS and migrant traffickers – Link
… Al Jazeera: many forced to flee Libya’s besieged Derna, for Tripoli – Link

Researchers: human toll of South Sudan war ‘as bad as Iraq or Syria’ – Link
… 5-year war is among the deadliest in recent years: >382,000 deaths


sentences 17 to death over attacks on Christians – Link

Western Africa / Lake Chad

Cameroon’s Anglophones wait for peace to return – Link

Security, food needs in Mali worsening – Link

Senegal faces water shortage crisis – Link
… over 25% of population lacks basic access to water


Churches claim Jesus as path to prosperity in Nigeria – Link
… “megachurches making money off believers, exploiting their faith”

Ethiopia / Horn / East Africa

Kenya: locals debate a boom in witch doctor tourism – Link

Saudi / Israel / Lebanon / Syria / Gulf


Allegedly, a secret deal will pave the way for Brunson’s release by this weekend – Link

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Pashto

Afghanistan: civilians continue to die in record numbers, new UN report – Link
… 8,050 died/wounded between January and September 2018.

Water shortage displaces thousands in Badghis – Link
… a drought has forced over 3 million into makeshift camps in Afghanistan

In Pakistan, learning Chinese is seen as cool, and a path to prosperity – Link
… Belt & Road is a significant player in Pakistan. Chinese missionaries could be too?


Mitigating India’s climate change misery – Link
… the poorest find it most difficult to escape heat and extreme weather
… poor often live in ‘heat islands’ – developed areas that are hotter than rural regions


Special Report: Belt and Road Initiative – Link
… a curated list of a series of articles on the Belt and Road initiative. B&R is important to observe because (a) it is spreading Chinese influence and power, (b) it is spreading Chinese control through debt and military, and (c) it is enabling (in some instances) Chinese missionaries to go abroad.

China legalizes ‘re-education’ camps – Link
… and launches anti-halal campaign in Xinjiang – Link


Japan to offer foreign workers a chance for permanent residency – Link


Kim Jong-un invites Pope Frances to Pyongyang – Link

Southeast Asia

Myanmar ethnic army releases detained Wa Christians – Link
… those released required to sign pledges to only pray privately in their homes – Link

#Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami in Sulawesi (over 2,000 dead):
… No one left to save: searching for the dead – Link
… Indonesian officials fear 5,000 missing as Christians pray – Link
… Government orders foreign NGOs out of Sulawesi – Link
… the Bible camp where hundreds were killed in a a mudslide – Link
… Video given to Washington Post shows chaotic minute of tsunami – Link
… How multiple disasters stunned experts and ravaged a corner of Indonesia – Link
… In Disaster’s Grip, again and again, on Sulawesi – Link
… Compassion Collapse: the tsunami and the problem of human empathy – Link

Yet another quake hits Indonesia: 6.0 off Bali, 3 deaths – Link

Notable Europe / Americas

America’s “hidden mission field”: rural regions are under-churched – Link

Chinese firms now hold stakes in over a dozen European ports – Link

Mexico’s morgues are overflowing as its murder rate rises – Link

Stats, Resources, Graphics

Population growth, animated infographic – Link
… This fun little chart highlights growth in populations from 1950 to 2100

Pew Fact Tank: recent Chinese dealings with faith groups reflect a pattern of government restrictions on religion – Link


Payne, J.D. “Migration and the mission of God.” Link

Zylstra, Sarah. “How evangelicals do ecumenism.” Link
… good piece clarifying what ecumenical discussions really are.

Grim, Brian. “Role of religion along China’s Belt & Road Initiative.” Link

Wiest, Brianna. “You don’t need a breakthrough, you need a microshift.” Link
… meaningful changer rarely happens overnight. Important for mobilizers and disciple-makers to consider.

Tank, Aytekin. “The power of culture: how to hire and attract amazing people.” Link
… the importance of shared DNA and culture in hiring. Doesn’t this apply to agencies, too?

IMB: Do you know the basics of animism? Link

Strategy+Business: The Four X factors of Exceptional Leaders – Link

Why is it so hard for Africans to visit other African countries? Link
… affects Gospel spread.

UPG Stories

India: Dalits (‘untouchables’) unblock sewers by hand – Link
… 600,000 ‘manual scavengers’ in country.
… At least 1 worker dies every 5 days in India doing this


The untold story of Stripe – Link
… the secretive $20 billion startup driving Apple, Amazon and Facebook
… we use Stripe to power online giving, as do many other agencies

Search budgets moving away from Google toward Amazon – Link

How AI is helping Amazon become a trillion dollar company – Link
… and invading every aspect of our lives


“The best way to keep the enemy out is to keep Christ in.” ~AW Tozer

“Civilization advances by extending the number of operations we can perform without thinking about them.” ~Alfred North Whitehead

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