Roundup 131

New Events

Across Afghanistan, scores killed in deadly waves of violence – Link

US considering sanctions on China over Uighurs – Link
… China: US should ‘abandon prejudice’ over Xinjiang – Link
… China: we’re ‘educating’ Muslims, not mistreating them – Link
… so that’s all sorted, then. Or maybe not. What ‘education’ looks like – Link
…. ‘The training has only one purpose: to learn laws and regulations…to eradicate from the mind thoughts about religious extremism and violent terrorism, and to cure ideological diseases. If the education is not going well, we will continue to provide free education, until the students achieve satisfactory results and graduate smoothly…’ Link
… Escape from Xinjiang: testimonies of Uighurs who got out – Link
… WSJ: 12 days in Xinjiang: how the surveillance state overwhelms daily life – Link

What is happening now to Muslims can be applied to others…
maybe sooner rather than later:

China: multiple reports of expulsions provided directly to me.
… specific agencies, nationalities being targeted, devices taken, networks rolled up.
… all workers in the area should have plans in place, and security measures for devices.

New Measures on the Administration of Internet Religious Information Services – Link
… ChinaSource: ‘potential major impact on thriving online faith community in China’
… SCMP: ‘China to ban foreigners from preaching religion online’ – Link
… Guardian: China cracks down on ‘chaotic’ religious information online – Link
… And, ‘little noticed’ new police law gives vast new powers to intrude at will – Link

Henan, China: more demolitions (the province is known for it) – Link

Also: China scraps 3 family planning offices, may scrap birth rate controls entirely – Link

No cease fire yet: Libyan airport comes under rocket attack, diverts flights – Link

Concerns that Malaysia is going backward in terms of religious freedom – Link
… ‘Muslims cannot convert to other religions and anyone who marries a Muslim must embrace Islam. Mixed couples have three choices: convert, leave the country or live together outside marriage.’

Myanmar: the country where FB posts whipped up hate – Link
… less known, similar problems in India, other countries
… M workers will not be immune in long run
Atlantic: Can Facebook really drive violence? Link
… The link between virtual hate and real world action is ‘murky’

Philippines bracing for one of the strongest storms in its history – Link

Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka to ban Hindu animal sacrifice – Link

Saudi Arabia: too few theaters, too many movie fans, tickets sell out too fast – Link

South Sudan President, rebels sign agreement to end civil war – Link

Syria: 1 million displaced in 6 key battles this year – Link
… ‘but all other disasters would be minor events compared to what could happen in Idlib’

West: The role of religion in Anglophone democracies – Link

America’s infrastructure/system for resettling refugees is collapsing – Link
… with too few refugees allowed in, people are being laid off, doors closed …

Predominant religious confessions of Germany by district, mapped, fascinating – Link


Religions and Christianity in Today’s China – 61p PDF – Link

The rise of anxiety consumerism in America – Link
… things will never cast out fear like love will, however …

Kisung Yoo & Paul Sung Noh. Korea: the spiritual cyber-monastery movement – Link
… online tools to spiritually journal days, become more aware of the presence of Christ
… great looking process: four questions:

  • When do you think of Jesus in a day?
  • How do you feel when you think of Jesus in a certain situation and what happens or changes when you acknowledge him?
  • What special things can you remember during the day and how did Jesus work at those moments?
  • What has happened when you obeyed (or disobeyed) the promptings of Holy Spirit (Jesus) given to you?

Mons Gunnar Selsto & Frank-Ole Thoresen. Lessons from North African Church history – Link

Cozens, Simon. Beating the Shame Game – Link
… “how the Gospel transforms the untouchable to the touched-by-grace”

UPG Stories

One day in the Haram – a fascinating glimpse inside Islam’s holiest site – documentary video


Soul searching through the Myers-Briggs test – Link


Facebook AI scans 1 billion images per day for dangerous content – Link

This AI reads your whole company’s emails in order to gauge morale and spot fraud – Link


‘Everything God asks us to do, he does. He is not a fingerpost pointing the way. He is a loving Shepherd saying, ‘Come, follow me.’” ~E. Stanley Jones

“Are we sure what Jesus is looking for is well-attended church services?” ~Francis Chan

“Disciples are the only thing that Jesus cares about, & it’s the only number that Jesus is counting. Not our attendance or budgets or buildings.” ~Mike Breen

“The future is not shaped by people who don’t really believe in the future.” -John W. Gardner

“Somethings done faithfully this week will be better understood next week. Be faithful this week.” ~Gen. Loren Reno

“It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action.” -Honoré de Balzac

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