Roundup 129


Russia calls off the planned peace talks for Afghanistan. Link
… India-built dams in Afghanistan are reducing water to Pakistan. Link
… China helping Afghanistan build a mountain brigade to fight terrorism. Link
… (Says no troops, but there will probably be Chinese troops there in reality)

Rohingya settle into life in Bangladesh: ‘I would rather die than go back.’ Link

China’s Communist Party issues new rules on religion for its members. Link
… ‘members who cling to religious beliefs asked to leave the Party’
… urges fresh crackdown on ‘separatist elements’ in Tibet. Link
… mass internment camps in Xinjiang have ‘no clear end in sight.’ Link
… ‘declared Islam a contagious disease, quarantined 1 million Muslims.’ Link

China creating the ‘Greater Bay’ area around Hong Kong, Macau. Link
… ‘knit the region into a high-tech megalopolis to rival Silicon Valley’
… 67 million residents, trillion dollar economy, 4th largest exporter
… some significant Christward movements have happened in the area
… what if one got a technical education (a la Lambda School), then here as BAM?

Ethiopia’s Somali region hopes new leader brings peace. Link

India’s angry young men and its lynch mob crisis. Link
… ‘beaten men they suspected of violating core Hindu beliefs’
… ‘threatened interfaith couples because they fear Muslims are stealing their women’
… ‘ready to kill for their faith if necessary’

Iraq: Nisreen’s Choice: women rescued from IS forced to leave children behind. Link
… Yazidis rape victims must decide between returning alone or not at all

Libya’s oil crescent region braces for new conflict. Link
… it’s not over yet.

Nepali pastor sentenced to prison on false rape charges. Link
… complaint by child’s mother, who later recanted story, admitting it was fabricated
… court chose to ignore the recantation

Capitalism in North Korea is bringing in $60m p.a. for the Kim regime. Link
… ‘there are 436 sanctioned markets in North Korea’
… and, The Diplomat has ‘A closer look at doing business in North Korea.’ Link

Russia, Ukraine in tug-of-war over Ukraine’s religious future. Link
… Russian hackers tried to steal private email of Ukrainian Orthodox leaders. Link

Syria’s Idlib: UN warns about the situation in Ildib. Link
… ‘‘worst-case’ scenario = greater humanitarian disaster than any yet seen in the country’

Uzbekistan registers first US NGO in more than 10 years. Link

Vietnam: a land of great food, but extraordinary Christian faith. Link
… you may not know it, but there’s been significant church growth here.
… plus, the tip of the story of the movement amongst the Hmong. 

Stats, Resources

China and Europe stand out on world map of atheism. Link

Religious Typology of American Believers from Pew. Link
… more like a ‘psychographic’ profile than an ecclesiastical or belief-oriented profile, per se
… ‘Sunday Stalwarts’ and ‘God-and-Country’ and ‘Religious Resisters’ etc.
… also, Millennial evangelicals diverge from their parents’ belief. Link

New data reveals higher victim count from Boko Haram than previous. Link

Half the world’s refugee children are not in school. Link

1.3 billion: International tourism arrivals hits record high in 2017. Link


Sep/Oct Mission Frontiers delves into the remaining Bible translation task. Link

Background: The pastor is not the only US hostage in Turkey. Link

How to make friends, according to science. Link
… interesting but too-short piece. Friendships are what movements thrive on.
… social networks are huge. ‘People we trust,’ a much smaller number: <20.
… 50 hours to get from acquaintance to casual friend.
… 200 hours to get to ‘close friend.’

Related: ‘The eight friends you need.’ Link
… really, the eight ‘kinds’ of friends: builders, connectors, companions, etc.

New generation to mobilize: GenZ will outnumber Millennials this year. Link
… earliest GenZ turns 18 next year (using 2000/2001 as split)

Africa contends with [small groups of] atheists too. Link
… most Africans are Muslims, Christians or ethnoreligionists, but … 

UPG Stories

Hospitality: the ultimate Kashmiri Chai experience. Link

The trials and tribulations of Britain’s Chinese community. Link

Intimate portraits show the diversity of America’s Muslims. Link

In small town Virginia, Muslims face a crisis of sheep and zoning laws. Link

Baghdad’s nightlife returns as Iraq’s violence recedes. Link

Why you shouldn’t take selfies and always be kind to grasshoppers. Link
… Hong Kong’s Hungry Ghost festival explained: 2,000 year old tradition 


How Evernote’s CEO says productive: daily themes, a few tips. Link

Change management vs Change leadership. Link
… this article from 2011 was pointed out to me as an example of an important distinction 


Google just launched the 2-factor authentication dongle you’ve been waiting for. Link
… The Titan Security Key, sells for $50.

Journalism, Facebook, and Censorship in Bhutan. Link

Infographic: The countries that shut down the Internet the most. Link
… India is #1, by far, followed by Pakistan at #2

China’s amazing battery production capacity: “gigacities” devoted. Link

Rohingya: Capturing their genocide on their cell phones. Link
… “enough raw footage to make their case in the ICC”

98% of Chinese Internet users are mobile. Link

How TripAdvisor changed travel. Link
… ‘the world’s biggest travel site has turned the industry upside down’
… Also impacted mission? I often look at it when checking out accommodations on trips

14% of Americans changed their mind because of something on social media. Link
… not absolutely worthless as a persuader. Almost, but not absolutely.

Facebook is rating the trustworthiness of its users. Link
… will the battle over reputation, trustworthiness affect vision-casting via social media?
… FB faces an impossible task: moderating 2 billion people. Link


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~attributed to Picasso

“The courageous have fears that cowards never know.” ~Stanley Hauerwas

“If the frying pan is not heated up, the corns cannot pop.” ~Yoruba

“Every congregation is a congregation of sinners. As if that weren’t bad enough, they all have sinners for pastors. ” ~Eugene Peterson

“Community is messy and sometimes frustrating. But there’s no way that we can grow the way that God intended without it.” ~Darryl Dash

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