Roundup 127

New events

Afghanistan: Taliban kill 200 defenders in ‘catastrophe’ – NYT
… attacks indicate Taliban’s strength. But can’t defeat Western air power. Stalemate.
… suicide bombing in capital kills 60+ students – Link

Burkina Faso faces rising extremism in the heart of West Africa – AP

City Clusters: the plan to transform the nation into 19 super-regions – Link
Burying ‘One Child’ limits, China urges women to have more children – NYT
Botched CIA communications system helped blow the cover of Chinese agents – Link
… China rolled up the comms systems
China to relax employment laws for international students – Link
Chinese cops spying on Uighurs on American soil – Link
… 1 million Uighurs in re-education camps, UN told – Link
… of course, China denies this – Link
… Uighur diaspora haunted by anxiety, guilt as family held in camps – Link

Ethiopia: 40 killed by paramilitaries in latest spate of ethnic violence – Link
… in Somali and Oromiya provinces
… violence in Somali region = slain priests, burned churches – Link

Carnatic musicians threatened over Christian hymns – BBC

In Assam, the politics of citizenship flares anew – Link
… “Assam is for Indians, not for illegal Bangladeshis”
… “Hindu nationalists still feed off partition’s wounds” – Foreign Policy

How Andhra Pradesh built India’s first police state – Link
… For 43 million of 50 million people, GPS coordinates of homes, medicines used, food rations, what they say about the Chief Minister on social media, real-time feeds of thousands of security cameras…
… “Welcome to the dawn of “Sunrise AP 2022” — Naidu’s ambitious, and unnerving, vision of a society governed entirely by a giant, searchable database, called “e-Pragati”, that integrates all the information, held by every government department, about every resident in AP using their e-KYC authenticated Aadhaar numbers.”

In Kashmir, blood and grief in an intimate war – NYT
… ‘these bodies are our assets’
In Kashmir, India’s Cordon & Search Operations lead to sexual harassment – Link
… ‘a nightmare for Kashmir’s women’

World’s biggest toilet-building spree is under way in India – Link

Not enough prisons for rising extremism detainees – Link
… possibility of network of IS ex-prisoners … with implications for religious violence
Chinese woman on trial for blasphemy – Link
… after complaining about the volume of mosque loudspeakers
… mobs burned, ransacked 14 Buddhist temples after reports of her complaint emerged
Lombok: rebuilding quake-damaged mosques on the mind of the devout – AP
… Quake toll over 430 dead, $470 million in damages – Straits Times
… ‘from high season to absolutely nothing’: devastates tourism – Reuters
President ‘brandishes nationalist, religious credentials’ with VP pick – Reuters
… the presidential race takes shape in the shadow of hard-line Islam – NYT
Jakarta: the fastest-sinking city in the world – BBC
… Parts could be completely submerged by 2050

Northern Iraq: “Now we must rebuild” – Link

Japan: Ghosts on the shore – Aeon
… not to be scoffed at, but provide deep insights into the fuzzy boundary between life and death

Libya: militias force 2,000 to leave capital’s largest shelter for IDPs – Link

Myanmar’s poor crippled by debt to loan sharks – Axios

Nepal implements anti-conversion law – MNN

North Korea: Red Cross warns of food crisis as crops fail in heat – Link
… insisting US declare war over before providing disclosure of its nuclear stockpiles – NYT

Pakistani rupee is down 20% in a multi-pronged economic crisis – Link

South Sudan considered the most dangerous place for aid workers – Link
… aid worker killings rise fueled by conflict in S Sudan, Syria – Link

Syria: “There are no girls left” – NYT
… The Christian villages hollowed out by ISIS

Turkey: US vs Turkey tensions rising over Pastor Brunson – Link
… here is a look at some of the players and allegations
… could potentially lead to expulsions of Americans?
… Turks scramble as Lira falls, prices rise – Link
… Qatar pledges $15 billion investment, Turkish lira rises some in response – Link

Some Christian/Jewish leaders declare ‘they enjoy religious freedom’ in Turkey – Link
… leads to controversies, objections within the minorities themselves
… Are Turkey’s Christians as “fine” as they say? Al-Monitor

New Data

Record number of forcibly displaced persons in sub-Saharan Africa – Pew

Over 1 million people arrive in Saudi Arabia for the hajj – Link

The world is already over 84% urban, say researchers – Link
… self-reporting and variant definitions leads to under-reporting
… High-res satellite images + geospatial analysis = over 84% in urban areasNoteworthyMinimalist Journaling System: a dashboard for your life – Link
… this is a great way to see patterns in the days over the months. I’m using this in tandem with a daily diary.

Language hurdles plague the two Koreas years after division – Link


From laboratory in far west, China’s surveillance state spreads quietly – Reuters
China’s surveillance tech is going to outrageous lengths to surveil its own citizens – Atlantic
… “can be a nightmare for Muslims in particular”
China’s surveillance state should scare everyone – Atlantic
The tech challenge of reporting under China’s watchful eye – NYT
Op/Ed: When China rules the web – Foreign Affairs

How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump – Zeynep Tufekci
… “in the 21st century, it is the flow of attention, not information, that matters…”

Australia plans law for tech firms to hand over encrypted private data – Reuters

Why Facebook is losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar – Reuters

Wildcard: a 7.6 Quake in Turkey could kill 20 to 30 thousand people – Hurriyet


“We can know the right words yet never be changed. This is the difference between information and transformation.” ~A.W. Tozer

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