Roundup 2017-10-13

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Shane Bennett:Six things you can do to find potential missionaries in your midst
… “anyone who can help get 100 missionaries get to the field is more important than
… “one missionary on the field.”Ralph Winter
Todd Brison:How to be enough.
… an inspiring read.

New events

North Africa

Algeria:For struggling herders, ‘drought stops everything.’
… average annual rainfall has fallen by more than 30% in recent decades.
Egypt:Moves to criminalize child marriage.
Death of the Nile: fishermen say water now so toxic they can’t eat the fish they catch
Libya: ‘Disastrous conditions for migrants displaced by Libya clashes
… In Gharyan, after fighting broke out in Sabratha.
Morocco:1 in 6 Moroccan households headed by women.
… 1 in 5 female households live alone. 51% are over 54 years old, mostly widowed.
… demographics affect household-to-household evangelism/discipleship.

West Africa

In Nigeria and Cameroon, secessionist movements gain momentum
… long-simmering tensions… huge crowds… deadly government crackdowns… fears
… Nigeria,50 years ago a civil war over same issue left 1 million dead
… More:The distorted memory of Biafra
Mali:Rising number of children prey to deadly malnutrition in conflict-hit Mali
… violence, displacement fuel a deepening crisis: 165,000 children expected to suffer
Nigeria:Secret trials of thousands of Boko Haram suspects to start
… mass trials of 2,300 suspects to take place in military facilities
… conflict has left over 20,000 dead in northeast Nigeria

East Africa/Horn:

For dignity and development, East Africa curbs used clothes imports
… ‘no longer want foreign hand-me-downs, they’re trying to manufacture their own clothes’
Kenya bans street protests amid election row
… regular protests in 3 cities… looting… violent clashes with police…
Ethiopia:6 dead as protests surge again in restive Oromia region
Somalia:Back to the land: friction as Somali exiles return home
… ‘better security bringing wealthy exiles to return home, often igniting fresh land conflicts’

Central Asia

Kazakhstan:Border bottleneck slows travelers amid Kyrgyz-Kazakh election feud
Turkmenistan:Remembering the mind-bogglingly destructive 1948 earthquake
… one of the worst natural disasters, death toll up to 100k, only known after fall of USSR
Turkmenistan’s new religion law:Compulsory re-registration, state obstructionism
Uzbekistan:Torture and impunity for torturers continues, especially of minority religions.
5 cents per kilo: why the government still forces people to pick cotton

West Asia/Gulf

Can Christians stay in the Middle East when they are persecuted for their ancient religion?
… Op/Ed, UK Independent
It will take years to clear up the rubble in the Middle East
… simply trucking the debris 10km from Mosul: $250 million.
Iraq:IS conflict ‘has displaced more than 5 million Iraqis’
… Photocollage:‘We have no home to go back to’: citizens of Mosul
Every nation needs a capital: how Erbil turned itself Kurdish
Qatar:Skype blocked.
Saudi Arabia:Plans to reduce oil output to prop up prices
… smallest output since January 2015
Syria:Photocollage: the battle for Raqqa(Atlantic)
Families fleeing Raqqa say air strikes bring a heavy toll
Turkey and Iran rapproachment possible, to overcome Kurdish worries
Turkey, US announce tit-for-tat travel restrictions
… Turkey suspends all nonimmigrant visa services for Americans
UAE:Dubai doing away with security counters, bringing in virtual fish instead?
… walk through a virtual aquarium tunnel with 80 cameras to scan faces
… ‘fish to capture attention, and thus biometrics.’
Yemen:Cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms
… at least 600,000 children likely to be affected; children under 5 a quarter of all cases

South Asia

Afghanistan:difficulty in ending the war in Afghanistan.
Villages along Afghan-Pakistan border brace for ‘Berlin Wall’ as Pakistan builds fence
Iran:US Congress, Pres. Trump clash over aid for Iraqi Christians, Yazidis
Trump’s targeting of Revolutionary Guards is a step too far for Iran
… Tehran promises crushing response if US lists elite force as terrorist entity
… The RG is a major force in Iran, and a significant player in its economy
India:Slips behind North Korea and Iraq on Global Hunger Index
Maldives:a quarter of Maldives youth are unemployed

East Asia

China’s top paper warns party officials ‘not to pray to God or worship Buddha’
… ‘because communism is about atheism, superstition at the root of many corrupt officials’
Nearly half of Uyghurs in Xinjiang’s Hotan targeted for Re-education camps.
in Xinjiang, household knives must be ID’ed, stamped with QR code.
With US to slash foreign aid, China could become world’s biggest donor
China treats its foreign aid like a state secret; new research aims to reveal it(WP,$).
Despite its reputation, Chinese aid is quite effective(Economist)
Japan:Yamabushi: ancient tradition of mountain ascetics opens to the public
… ‘we are now to traverse the three holy mountains in order to be spiritually reborn…’
… ‘ancient ascetic religion… aspects of mountain worship, Buddhism, Shintoism…’

Southeast Asia

Cambodia:Fledgling democracy in question
… ‘Ruling party prepares to dissolve main opposition… and block a corrupt third party…’
Malaysia’s slide toward more conservative Islam(Diplomat)
Myanmar:Rohingya recount atrocities: ‘They threw my baby into the fire’
Thailand:Say farewell to ‘The People’s King’
… prepares a lavish 5-day funeral ceremony

New Data

Africa tops global hunger index, driven by war and climate shocks
… nearly half of 119 countries had alarming hunger levels, with Africa leading the list.
… several countries (like S Sudan, Somalia) excluded from the list for lack of data

Longer reads

Lily Kuo, Quartz:Africa’s ‘reverse missionaries’ bringing Christianity back to the UK
Shane Bennett:Six ways to find potential missionaries in your midst
… one of the most strategic things a person in a church can do
… “anyone who can help get 100 missionaries get to the field is more important than
… “one missionary on the field.”Ralph Winter
Todd Brison:How to be enough.
… an inspiring read.

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

Confirmation bias: why you make terrible life choices(and how to avoid it)
Make product decisions without doubt: lessons from Twitter and Slack
… get face-to-face, use hypothesis trees, stand for your values, listen to customer dissent
Warren Buffet’s 2-list strategy
… the ‘avoid at all costs list’ are those things that tempt you the most, serve the least

Pioneer Mission Startups, Strategy

Curation is a content marketing strategy that can attract an audience
Email over social? Yes!
Journey Mapping is key to gaining empathy.
… can you map the journey of a person from becoming a disciple to becoming a discipler?

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

Indonesia:Cleaning the dead: the afterlife rituals of the Torajon people
… ‘keep mummified remains of relatives in homes for years…’
… warning: some fairly gruesome photos of dead bodies


How Facebook outs sex workers(, SFW)
… ‘Leila has two identities… one known to FB, one not… yet earlier this year…’
… FB’s “People You May Know” recommendations included some of her regular clients
… Why I link to this: if FB can ‘out’ sex workers, it can out others in sensitive work.
… Another story:Facebook figured out my family secrets, and it won’t tell me how
Email tracking is pervasive: 85% of emails contain third-party content
… we often don’t realize how much email tracking is relied upon.
… full disclosure: this newsletter runs on Mailchimp, which tracks opens and clicks.
… we use opens/clicks to track what’s important to people, and what’s not;
… but others can use it to track people across websites.
Russians breached Kaspersky antivirus, used it to search computers worldwide
… has been suspected for years of having back doors; NSA did the same thing
China’s censorship machine, a growth industry:
… ‘it’s seen as a cool place to work’: an ever-larger army of ‘auditors’ needed to keep pace
China to build giant facial recognition database
… capable of identifying any citizen within seconds, with over 90% accuracy rate
Intel takes on the money launderers
between $800b & $2trillion in illicit cash was laundered in 2016.
Google Clips: the camera that knows when to take photos
… ‘when you turn it on, the camera looks for good moments to capture’
Africa’s spaceward rush
… seven African countries now have programs in place
Self-drivingdelivery trucks could drive next year
Self-driving trains on London’s rail.
Self-Driving Mail Trucks.
Drones bring critical medical supplies to remote locations.
Half of plug-in electric vehicles sold in 2016 in China
China speeds world to electric-car Future.
… would help with the haze and environmental issues they face
Pew:Key trends in social and digital news media
How to keep the world’s smartphones charging:
… Millions w/cellular coverage but not electricity.
Solar power getting cheap enough to compete w/fossil fuels in the Gulf
… which means, it’s becoming cheap enough to compete with oil anywhere.


 “To reform an established habit which has become instinctive is a far more difficult matter than to correct a false opinion which rests upon argument.” ~Roland Allen

 “People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.” ~Seneca

 “He who has God plus many things has nothing more than he who has God alone.” ~C. S. Lewis

 “Too many Christians write their blessings in the sand but engrave their sorrows in marble.” ~Charles Spurgeon

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