Roundup 2017-09-22

New events

North Africa

Egypt: network kidnapping Christian girls in Egypt, forcing them to conver to Islam
… former Muslim reports to World Watch Monitor, corroborates ICC reporting
… Egyptians make their way to Mecca by many means: not all legal. 

West Africa

Mali: Rival Tuaregs sign deal to end years of fighting.
… Rebels bring schooling to a standstill in Mali.
Niger: Floods leave 185,000 homeless.
Nigeria: Herders against Farmers: Nigeria’s expanding deadly conflict

East Africa/Horn

Ethiopia: 55,000 displaced amid ethnic clashes between Oromos and Somalis.
… Ethiopia crisis worsens as drought prevails: 8.5 million in need.
S Sudan: Forgotten people stranded for years by South Sudan’s war

Central Asia

Tajikistan: Crackdown on observant Muslims intensifies.
… beards, veils, madrassas, Arabic-sounding names all banned. 

West Asia/Gulf

Iraq: Barzani vows to press on with Kurdish referendum, defying Iraq parliament
… FP: Barzani: Why it’s time for Kurdish independence
… Al-Araby: Demands alternative to referendum in 3 days with guarantees if to suspend
… Reuters: Turkey: Iraqi Kurdish referendum “historic mistake”
… Reuters: Turkish tanks drill on Iraqi border week before Kurdish vote
Saudi Arabia: lifting a ban on voice and video calling apps like Skype.
… but: other reports indicate Saudi will monitor, censor them
Syria: Syrian children return to school amid the ruins in a rebel-held area.
Turkey: Turkey-PKK (Kurds) ‘drone wars’ escalate.
… ‘The worst is yet to come’: flow of migrants from Turkey to Greece increasing again.
… ‘They want a devout generation’: how education in Turkey is changing 

South Asia

Bangladesh: Plans to build a huge refugee camp for the Rohingya: 400,000.
… Evicts Rohingya from roadside camps as space runs out.
… ‘dramatic expansion’ of camps captured by satellite images.
India: Red cosmetic powder used in Hindu ceremonies contains unsafe lead levels
Pakistan: A new bike sharing program w/ an unexpected result: female student freedom
… Pakistani judge sentences Christian to death over blasphemy: Punjab. 

East Asia

The future of Belt and Road in Africa: McKinsey survey of 1,000 Chinese companies
China’s leftover men: 40 million will not be able to find a Chinese bride.
China’s great migration: how the poor built a prosperous nation (urban migration)
Reuters: China’s central bank reportedly tells banks to stop doing business w/N Korea
The history of the Chinese Church (ChinaSource Quarterly).
Japan: Population aged 90 and older tops 2 million for the first time.
N Korea: Secret State: a journey into the heart of North Korea (CNN Interactive)
… 6 ‘chapters’ with video interviews.
… Christianity “believed to be mushrooming” in North Korea in the thick of dictatorship

Southeast Asia

From trade to trains, China and Singapore boost their economic ties.
Cambodia: Is it really becoming a dictatorship? (Diplomat)
… What’s driving the crackdown? (East Asia Forum)
Indonesia: Bali on alert amid fears of possible eruption of Mt Agung.
Myanmar: At risk in Rohingya exodus: 230,000 children, hundreds all alone

New Data

An estimated 40 million slaves in the world: where do they work, what do they do?
New UN Report: world hunger again on the rise.
Fact sheet on 2016 Bible translation status: less than 10% have full Scriptures
Facts on US Latinos, 2016: high of 56.5 million.
… Principal driver of US demographic growth.
… youngest of the nation’s largest racial and ethnic groups. Fewer are immigrants.
… mobilization of US Latinos for mission will be ever more important. 

Longer reads

How a country becomes a country: Catalans, Kurds might vote for independence
Millions of world’s children lack any record of their births:
… without it, impossible to know if for example girl is underaged at marriage
War, drugs, and peace: The illegal drug trade is sabotaging peace
… in Afghanistan and Myanmar alike
China and India: the roots of hostility: The Diplomat
… tensions flare at least once every decade since 1962 

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

8 out of 10 self-made millions were not A students
… important: withstand temptation, overcome fear, consistently prioritize/execute 

Pioneer Mission Startups, Strategy

Our nonprofit needed a cheaper way to send email blasts.”
… so we engineered one. $100 = 1 million emails. Lacks Mailchimp’s templates
… but, if you need fairly simple email blasts, this would be cheap and straight forward. 

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

Morning Market in Dali, Yunnan, China: 360 degree video of local vendors.
Nagorno Karabakh: scenes from a country that doesn’t exist.
Iraq: As East Mosul comes back to life, West Mosul remains in ruins


The unprecedented reach of China’s surveillance state. ChinaFile.
… ‘The great hive of propaganda’: ‘make no mistake, however unrealistic, the demand is…
… that ‘everyone say the correct thing in the correct way’
… media controls are focused less on gatekeepers and more on citizens themselves
… It’s official: WeChat is watching you: publicly acknowledges handoff of information.
… China’s security chief calls for greater use of AI to predict terrorism, social unrest
Chinese robot dentist first to fit implants in patient’s mouth without human involvement
… “designed to overcome shortage of qualified dentists, frequent surgical errors”
Number of cyberattacks is surging and likely to get worse.
The world is running out of [working] antibiotics
… increasing resistance to existing antibiotics.
Facebook’s war on free will: long on politics, algorithms, and democracy.
… and, How Facebook is changing your Internet: 9 minute NYT documentary video.
… “over 2 billion people use Facebook… essentially all Internet users except those in China”
India wants electric cars, too.
Robots: Synthetic muscle breakthrough could lead to ‘lifelike’ robots
… Sex robots with ‘resistance setting’ “normalize sexual violence… should be banned” 


“Don’t let being right talk you out of being kind.” ~Bob Goff 

“Church membership is less like joining a club and more like being adopted into a family.” ~Micah Fries (–or should be, at any rate. -Ed.)

“I promise, whatever it is that we’re dreaming, it’s less than what God is dreaming for us.” ~Ed Bonneau

“We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God.” ~Bonhoeffer

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