Roundup 2017-08-18

New events

North Africa

Op/Ed:closed borders deepen security issues in North Africa
North African airports are busier than ever
Algeria:Over 2,200 Algerian migrants to be expelled from Germany
Egypt:Rising seawater levels impacting crops, flooding
Libya:Mired in a ‘culture of impunity’
Morocco:Are Christians in Morocco emerging from shadows ofthepast? (April 2017)

West Africa

MNN:Region faces quickly escalating crisis: rain shortages, terrorism, corruption
Burkina Faso:17 killed in attack on popular restaurant
Gambia:Theabandoned villages: where hardly any young men left, all to Europe
Niger:People smugglers need real economic alternatives.
Nigeria:Triple suicide attack in Maiduguri kills 30, injures 80
… New study:95% of Nigerians indulge in bribery

East Africa/Horn

Ethiopia to Djibouti: a journey alongthenew Beijing-backed Ethiopia-Djibouti rail
Somalia:Drought in Baidoa, Somalia, in pictures
… 160,000 have had to leave their farms and are surviving in camps
Thepirates of with Prof. Sarah Percy (51:18)
… Somaliland:amid persistent drought, a nation of herders plots a new course(CSM)
S Sudan:Over 1 million flee from violence to Uganda

West Asia/Gulf

A closer look at Christians intheUAE and other Gulf countries
Iraq:Armed disputes reveal Iraqi Christians’ discord.
how Iraq’s IDPs cope withthetrauma of displacement: ‘over 3 million of displaced’
Israel: History Survey:Why Al-Aqsa mosque remains an ongoing point of tension
Saudi Arabia:Documentary of abductions of dissident/defector princes
… Saudi will find you and bring you home.
To reopen border with Iraq after 27 years, establish joint trade commission
Syria:3,000 of refugees, militants return to Syria from Lebanon
Can foreign aid get past Syria’s jihadis?
… ‘Radical jihadis have cemented their dominance over northwestern Syria…’
… Reuters:How Syria continued to gas its people astheworld looked on.
… PBS Video:Syrians try to salvage life fromthewreckage of Raqqa
Turkey:Syrian workers struggle to obtain official employment
… Some 3 million Syrian refugees are in Turkey, part oftheblack market economy …
Thinking outsidethecamp: Syrian refugees in Istanbul
Syria’s lost generation: refugee children at work
… children trade school for work to help their families survive
Yemen:Cholera cases exceed 500,000 in four months

South Asia

MonsoonFloods, devastation in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, in pictures: 200+ dead
Afghanistan:Three Catholic Relief Services aid workers killed in Ghor
Bangladesh:Why do Bangladeshis seem indifferent to partition?
fresh influx of Rohingya from Myanmar: hundreds in recent days
Thepoisoning of Bangladesh: how arsenic is ravaging a nation
… 25% ofthepopulation exposed to arsenic-contaminated drinking water
Iran: ‘Christianity rapidly growing in Iran’ (CBN)
… ‘youth becoming Christians in Qom, attending house churches’ -Ayatollah Boroujerdi
Christian converts leave Iran for Turkey, claiming persecution: 500 converts
Film sheds new light on security services
India:Jharkand passes anti-conversion law(Indian Express)
Underthefaith microscope: how will it tell who is Christian? (Indian Express)
Persecution of Christians in India sets record in first half of 2017(OD, others)
… ‘attackers know they will not be punished’
Nepal:‘They use money to promote Christianity’: Nepal’s battle for souls(Guardian)
… challenging piece, but it’s not just money: it’s healings, poverty, discrimination
Pakistan:Breathing without living:theplight of Christians in Pakistan(Jan 2017)
Slain Chinese couple preached Christianity under guise of business(VOA)

East Asia

China:Xinjiang authorities convert Uighur mosques into propaganda centers
On large-scale Nigerian migration to China: est. 300,000 to 600,000
… ‘dangerously close to war with India
Japan:Reverence for robots: workers treasure automation
… keeping jobs: hard to find a culture that celebrates robots more …
Ghosts oftheTsunami: death and life in Japan’s Disaster Zone: review
… ‘many layers of profound grief…’
N Korea:Jailed Canadian pastor released(H/TMission Catalyst)
… analysts note NKor ‘often’ releases sick prisoners back to home countries
North Korea walks back its threat on Guam.Back-channel diplomacy.
… WPost:No American strike on North Korea without my consent, says S Korea president
… ‘No war onthepeninsula ever again… will prevent another war at all costs…’
… USA, Bannon: ‘no military solution… while 10 million die inthefirst 30 minutes…’
One reason Guam may figure into international conflict: large munitions depot.
Inside Kim Jong-Un’s bloody scramble to kill off his family. Longread.

Southeast Asia

Cambodia:Why female migrants are prone to sexual abuse in Cambodia
…thegovernment has come up with laws, but strict implementation is lacking.
Indonesia:President calls to safeguard pluralism from extremist threat
Malaysia:Female Syariah High Court judges: from 2 in 2010 to 27 of 160 judges today.
Moderation under threat as Malaysia faces Islamic tide.
Myanmar:Hope dims with press at risk.
… ‘military’s continued dominance restricts PM’s ability to move country forward’
Buddhists attack Christian villagers for holding late-night service(Unconfirmed)
Thailand:30 years ago, 67% of population lived below poverty line; today, 11%.
… country spends 20% of national budget on education: one ofthehighest intheworld

New Data

How Pew Research Center surveyed 1,000 Muslimsin America
… they account for less than 1% of Americans, making polls tricky
USA:Charlottesville violence high religious hostilities in U.S. and world
… what aretheimplications for mobilization, fundraising, etc?

Longer reads

ChinaSource.What not to say when disaster strikes. Good reminder to us all.
… ‘because they worship idols’, ‘because they are sinners’, …
Op/Ed. ‘Conversions from Islam in Europe and Beyond.’ NYT.
For want of a drink: Economist Special Report on Water

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

Developing a 1-page “user manual” so people can understand how to work with you
… a 30 minute exercise that makes teams less anxious and more productive
Thedifference between amateurs and professionals. Recommended read.

Pioneer Mission Startups, Strategy

Vanity metrics vs. Clarity metrics
… Vanity metrics can get you noticed. Clarity metrics drivetheengine.
Thesecond most important metric for every company
… North Star Metrics vs. Check Metrics:theimportance ofthebalance betweenthetwo
Lessons from a quarter million emails
… if you’re sending a newsletter, or thinking about it, read this.
… real advice that’s quite good (not one of those “here’s how to write a headline” things).

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

How Cambodian refugees found a new life in southern California’s jewelry market
20 things to do in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India: Voyager
A stroll throughtheheart of Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinatown
What it’s like growing up as a girl intheGaza Strip: National Geographic
Life among India’s Lowly: book review of ‘Ants among Elephants’
Nepal:Sacred Thread Festival
China:Life inside China’s massive, remote bitcoin mines: in photos


Facebook Onavo security tech shows it what people do on their phones
… *outside*thefirm’s apps…
Study reports:Four kinds of Facebook users
… how does this figure into social media strategy and influencers?
Gartner’s latest emerging tech hype curve chart.
China’s biggest mobile payment solutions are taking root in US and Europe
Seeking greater global power, China looks to robots and microchips
China’s plan for world domination in AI isn’t so crazy after all
… ‘Xu Li’s software scans more faces than maybe any on earth… Chinese police…’
WeChat nears 1 billion users
Getting into streaming television:Apple,Disney,Facebook
24 industries other than auto that driverless cars could disrupt
… fast food, real estate, hotels, airlines, insurance…
… and,Self-driving cars could transform jobs held by 1 in 9 US workers: 15.5m workers
Robopocalypse Not: everyone things automation will take away our jobs
…theevidence disagrees. Reducing low-skilled wage hours, but not total hours worked.
Google Cloud Speech API will be able to understand 119 languages, convert to text
… multiple variants of Arabic, Bengali, more.
Google is transforming internet access for rural women in India
Africa entersthespace race, with Ghana’s first satellite now orbiting Earth
A 4-minute video oftheDark Web.

Need a laugh?

How to make a blockbuster movie trailer. C’mon mobilizers, this is how you do it.

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