Roundup 2017-07-21

The 2414 Website is now live
… an initiative I am part of, to see CPM teams in every people group by 2025.

New events

North Africa

Algeria: planning to grant legal status to undocumented African migrants
… also to tackle a spreading racist campaign in the nation
Libya: Militants find sanctuary in the wild south
… series of victories have forced militants into the vast deserts, plotting comeback
Benghazi airport reopens after 3-year closure during the war
Tunisia: Refugees in limbo after Tunisia shuts desert camp
… despite UN closure of camp 4 years ago, dozens continued to live in the camp

West Africa

Chinese overfishing threatens West African economies
The Imperialist People’s Republic of Africa?
… ‘China is no colonizer, but…’ the effects of partnerships with China are not always benign.
Mali: Thousands march against referendum, extra powers for Mali president
Instability in Mali spilling over into Burkina Faso, Niger
Tuareg separatists seize north Mali town in battle
Mauritania: Declares border with Algeria, Mali no-go zones
… transit point for traffickers and criminals: ‘any individual… a military target.’
Niger: Children tune in for radio lessons in Boko Haram-hit Lake Chad region
… providing lessons on literacy, numeracy, staying safe in violence, for 200k displaced children
Nigeria: Country loses $1.5 billion to piracy monthly, says Nigerian leader

East Africa/Horn

Eritrea: church turns cemeteries into meeting places.
Ethiopia: Climate change threatens an ancient way of life in Ethiopia
… livestock herders in the arid Somali region have been devastated by drought
Somalia: Internet returns after three-week blackout
… caused by a ship severing an undersea fiber optic cable
A look inside the unfolding nightmare in Somalia (WP)
In drought, women fighting sexual predators as well as hunger
S Sudan: ‘Half of population could become displaced internally by end of 2017
Khartoum to allow aid flow to South Sudan for one year
Fall armyworm pest could put increasing number of people at risk of hunger
State of emergency declared in northwest: ethnic violence over cattle, grazing
Public broadcasting director jailed for not airing president’s live speech

Central Asia

Kazakhstan: bets big on China’s Silk Road (Forbes)
The reality of religious freedom in Kazakhstan (Diplomat)
Does new law on revoking citizenship really matter?
Tajikistan: Tajikistan and Central Asia’s Culture Wars
Uzbekistan: Artists need permission to post on Youtube.
launches latest drive against polygamy

West Asia/Gulf

Iraq: Islamic State widows fear for the future: ‘paying the price’
… NYT: ‘The Living and the Dead’: retaking Mosul took 9 months and thousands of lives.
… BuzzFeed: ‘This is what it’s like inside liberated Mosul
Qatar: Arab nations soften stance, ask for agreement on 6 principles
Saudi Arabia: How the Crown Prince plotted to oust his rival (NYT).
Yemen: Worst cholera outbreak in the world: 350,000 cases

South Asia

Afghanistan: Record number of civilian deaths in 2017
… 1,662 killed, 3,500 injured, complex attacks rose 15%
Bangladesh: Climate change a driver of urbanization, in turn a driver of child marriage
India: Maharashtra may not be able to make Mumbai slum-free by 2022.
… just the first step–physical mapping of slums, recording details of slum dwellers–has been delayed.
In South Asian social castes, a living lab for genetic disease
… marriage within a limited group has created millions of people susceptible to recessive diseases

East Asia

China: The standoff between China and India enters 5th week
… analyst consensus is that China’s in the right, and better equipped to handle hostilities
Beijing village imposes arbitrary levies in quest for ‘zero migrants’
The secret lives of Chinese missionaries in northern Iraq
Turn off, drop out: why young Chinese are abandoning ambition.
The world’s longest desert highway (Beijing-Urumqi) opens to traffic.
Japan: They mystery of why Japanese people are having so few babies
… the overlooked factor is the trouble young men have in finding steady, well-paid jobs
Mongolia: Nomads dream of city life

Southeast Asia

How Minnesota churches are playing an important role preserving Hmong culture
Malaysia: Shariah’s winding path into modernity (Malaysian Digest)
Myanmar: Two documentaries probe Myanmar’s religious strife
The faces of Myanmar’s internally displaced: civil conflict has lasted more than 60 years
Thailand: Reports of immigration officials requiring visitors to show 20k baht to enter
… cracking down on ‘beg-packers’: Western backpackers begging for travel money

New Data

Map: 7 Billions: the world’s population divided into 7 regions, each home to est. 1 billion
Infograph: 100 websites that rule the world.
Pew: Americans express increasingly warm feelings toward religious groups

Longer reads

Olsen, Andy. “Immigrants are reshaping American missions.” CT.
… Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships …
Gracie, Carrie. “Tales from the new Silk Road.” BBC.
… ‘I traveled from China to Europe to hear the stories of people in its path’ …
Hunt, Philip. “Why Africa still needs Western workers.” TGC.
… ‘nearly 30% of the population has yet to be reached by the Gospel’ …
Resnick, Brian. “A psychologist explains the hard limits of human compassion.” Vox.
… why do we ignore mass atrocities? It has something to do with ‘psychic numbing.’

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

Is it too late to start? Late Crisis and Late Bloomers: an infographic

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

China: Take a tour of 5 historic Christian sites in Hangzhou
Mongolia: Why Genghis Khan’s tomb can’t be found


China users report WhatsApp disruption among censorship fears
… after Telegram was blocked, many dissidents moved to WhatsApp
Security is intact; China is simply blocking the servers involved in transferring images
Google Glass 2.0 is here: a workplace tool. Makes the most sense.
… selling hundreds of glasses per year for factory and warehouse workers.
Google stakes its future to TensorFlow (machine-learning software)
US lifts last ban on laptops from Middle East airlines
People create more on mobiles than on PCs
UK will require compulsory age checks to view online pornography by April 2018
… probably by requiring a credit card
Soapbox: looks like an interesting Chrome plugin: ‘making a great video just got easy’
… records screen & video simultaneously, allows switch between the two, split-screen view
10 grand challenges we’ll face by 2050
… gene editing, aged population, lost cities, evolution of social media, geopolitical tensions, more…


“Two things are said to be rare sights in the world: one is a young man humble, and theother is an old man content.” ~J.C Ryle

“It’s amazing how angry people can be when you take away their religion of revenge.” ~@BrianZahnd

“Of two evils, choose neither.” ~Charles Spurgeon

“Nothing so clears vision and lifts up the life, as a decision to move forward in what you know to be entirely the will of the Lord.” ~John Paton

“Let us always be more bothered by our sin than our suffering.” ~Burk Parsons

“Never put a question mark where God has put a period.” ~John R. Rice

“Build buffets, not walls…of all people, Jesus followers don’t need to be afraid.” ~Elizabeth Koproski
  “If you can’t see very far ahead, go ahead as far as you can see.” ~Ted Fletcher
  “A small light will do a great deal when it’s in a very dark place.” ~D. L. Moody
  “Practice the discipline of not having to have the last word.” ~Dallas Willard

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