Roundup 2017-07-14

New events

North Africa

Algeria: Rif protests offer hope to Kabyle nationalists
… a conundrum on both sides of the border
Libya: Fighting persists east of Tripoli
Comms to central, southern cities cut off
Commander says his forces have taken Benghazi
Morocco: Unrest is worsening, threatening whole country

West Africa

Nigeria: Mystery of the missing president fuels political intrigue
Food aid reaches Christians displaced by Boko Haram (BP)

East Africa/Horn:

The rise of private universities in Africa is being dominated by Christian schools
Djibouti: Catholic mission work ‘takes place through schools & Caritas center’
Somalia: Preparing for ‘one person, one vote’ polls in 2020
… existing system: clan leaders elect president

Central Asia

Uzbekistan: may abolish exit visas for Uzbeks traveling abroad

West Asia/Gulf

Iraq: PM arrives in Mosul to declare victory over ISIS
… ‘peace, peace’ but peace is not necessarily at hand
ISIS: a catastrophe for Sunnis
… ‘the misery inflicted on Sunnis will resonate for generations’
Israel: UN: Gaza will be unlivable in three years
… population growth, lack of electricity, food/water shortages
already buckling under an oppressive heat wave right now
Saudi Arabia: Thousands of Ethiopians race to leave as mass deportations loom
Syria: A fraction of Mosul, Raqqa is no less challenging
… 2,000 militants holed up with families, 10s of 1000s of civilians
… CNN exclusive Video (1:20): inside ISIS-held Raqqa
Turkey: Largest protest since 2013, marching to Istanbul.
Erdogan readies show of strength on anniversary of botched coup.
Yemen: More than 300,000 cholera cases

South Asia

Afghanistan: No justice, ‘no value’ for women in a lawless Afghan province
… Ghor, capital of Afgh. gender-based violence and abuse
India: Supreme Court rules Ganges and Yamuna cannot be viewed as living entities
… ruling revolves around issue of horrific pollution of the rivers
Nepal: A world without men
… when men go abroad to work, women in Nepal take the lead at home
Pakistan: Pakistan’s Secret Atheists
Sri Lanka: Buddhism to remain paramount in new charter
… PM assures monks new constitution will not take away primary status

East Asia

China: Religious revival fuels environmental activism
are Chinese Christians persecuted? Not exactly. (One view from Harbin)
Japan: Foreigners are shoring up Japan’s shrinking population
… record 2.3 million foreigners living in Japan
N Korea: Surprising, lucrative relationship with Africa
… building giant statues of African dictators and monuments
US prepares to ‘act alone’ against North Korea: apparently, just tightening sanctions
He ran North Korea’s secret moneymaking operation. Now he lives in Virginia.
S Korea: Economy hit by China ban on tourism
… in protest of US missile defense shield

Southeast Asia

Indonesia: Sets stage for crackdown on hard-line Islamist groups
Signs decree to ban ‘extremist’ groups
Laos: can it clear its unexploded bombs?
… more than 2 million tons of bombs dropped on all its provinces during Vietnam War
… more than a third of the cluster munitions failed to explode, remain on the ground
Malaysia: Kelatan state introduces public canings for breaking shari’a law

New Data, Resources

Need Maps? Try,,
GMI’s Missiographics library is now in its new home at MissioNexus

Longer reads

Bishop, Bill. “The Big Sort.” This, from 2004, is a long-form study of something captured by the Parable of the Polygons: it shows how Americans are moving to places with political and economic situations more to their liking, leading to a polarization of the nation. Chapter 7 is all about Donald MacGavran, homogenous churches, and how that led to megachurches and what that implies for polarization in America.

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

20 Questions for business leaders
… The entire history of management ideas can be seen as a series of answers to a few queries

Pioneer Mission Startups, Strategy

Myth: Do 90% of all startups fail? Data says otherwise.

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

Bekasi: the drowing villages of Indonesia


Twitter introduces new, advanced filter settings
… accounts that are new: don’t follow you, you don’t follow, w/default photo, w/o email, etc.
Next level cybersecurity: preparing for Internet shutdown
… can your work still get done in the case of a prolonged Web outage?
What China’s VPN ban means for Internet users
… crackdown focused on individuals. Will likely make comms slightly more difficult.
… this is just another iteration of the cat-and-mouse game around the Firewall.
Numerous tech insiders untroubled by talk: ‘authorities have been saying that for years’
… ‘China won’t disrupt ‘legitimate’ Internet access
Climate Change: the Uninhabitable Earth
… this piece is apocalyptic and has been debated. A useful read anyway.
… we must realize that even a 2 degree average rise–will in the next few years/decades
… render life challenging for many unreached & those who wish to reach them.
A massive list of free online university course providers from around the world
When will electric cars go mainstream? Maybe sooner than you think
The tech that will make it impossible for you to believe what you see
… computer scientists can now make realistic lip-synced videos
… putting anyone’s words into another person’s mouth.


“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” ~John Locke

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