Roundup 2017-06-02

New events

North Africa

Algeria: Meet the English bishop with a desert diocese 10x the size of Britain
… 800,000 square miles: ‘you go where you are needed,’ former Army officer says
Egypt: signs a law that heavily restricts the operations of 47,000+ NGOs.
… ‘defends NGO law US senators call a draconian rights crackdown
… ‘Coptic Christians describe bus attack in Egypt: “even little children were targets”
Righteous Anger: Egypt’s Christians respond to ISIS.
… ‘100 massacred in 5 months, leaving vengeance to the Lord is getting harder for Copts.’
Libya: Russia substantially increasing its role in the Libyan civil war
… helping eastern forces, but pushing for diplomatic settlement
Rival militias clash in capital, leaving 47 dead: the war rages on
Morocco: Authorities arrest leader of Rif protest movement shaking northern Rif region
… (Rif Berbers are one of the least evangelized megapeoples)
Tunisia: ‘Young and unemployed, Tunisians agitate for a second revolution
… demonstrations outside of Tataouine.

West Africa

Waiting for take-off in West Africa
… a flight that should take an hour instead takes up to 3 days because of poor connections
Guinea-Bissau: Political violence, 2,000 protestors, exchange of stones and tear gas
… EU on protests: ‘is threatening the stability and … has wider regional implications.’
Nigeria: Pres. Buhari once again in Britain for medical treatment
… ‘unwritten power sharing agreement might come apart’
… ‘if Buhari doesn’t finish term… 2nd time in 7 years the north’s power cut short’
50 years on: Nigeria’s Biafra secessionist movement.
… Op/Ed: ‘Contemporary Christianity in Nigeria, and inherent challenges’ (Vanguard)
‘Praise Allah!’: Islam tries ‘evangelical’ approach in Nigeria (AFP)
… mimicking Pentecostal forms of worship as a way of winning converts in the South
… Op/Ed: ‘Nigerian churches preach to the wrong people!’
… ‘Why are Pentecostal churches only interested in winning the souls of fellow Christians?’
… ‘yet to witness evangelical team carry out massive campaigns to reach Muslims’
Senegal: ‘The magic and solidarity of celebrating Christmas in a 95% Muslim country

East Africa/Horn

Kenya’s prayer train: a commute of prayers and songs
Eritrea: Migration from Eritrea slows, encounters more obstacles
Catholics report renewed crackdown on Christians in Eritrea
Ethiopia: shut the country’s Internet off to beat national exam cheats.
Hunger to hit emergency levels despite rains: over 7.7 million in need of food aid.
… Video: ‘Running from Ethiopia: the Oromo Exodus’ (LinkTV)
Somalia: ‘The Watson Files’: Somalia, Climate Change, Conflict and War.
… longread: an English scientist, a blueprint for climate adaptation and the civil war.
… and, Walking in Somaliland: is Hargeisa safe? “More or less.”
Sudan: ‘Still not free’: the fate of Sudanese Christians.

Central Asia

Kazakhstan: Religious censorship, sharing faiths ban could soon become law (F18)
… full state censorship of religious literature, ban on sharing beliefs in public
Tajikistan: ‘Nuance needed: religious laws and enforcement in Tajikistan’ (Diplomat)

West Asia/Gulf

Iraq: ‘At least 1 million displaced from Mosul’: 10k per day, every day last week
… ‘1.5m Christians, 75% of all Christians in Iraq, have fled the country since 2003’ (CP)
‘The Body and the Blood’ follows exodus of Christians in the Middle East (NPR)
Saudi Arabia: “Strong in the Broken: Female in Saudi Arabia” (essay)
Yemen: ‘Cholera, Famine and girls sold into marriage for food: the dire picture’ (NYT)

South Asia

Afghanistan: At least 90 dead in massive suicide truck bombing in Kabul
the deadly bombing is one of Afghan war’s worse strikes
Kabul in mourning; angry residents demand answers
Kabul mayor says bomb caused damage 4 kilometers away
Pakistan, Taliban blamed for Kabul blast; Pakistan rejects claim
Why deadly bombing is a crisis for all of Afghanistan: rise in Kabul attacks
‘Afghanistan is the front line’ in the global war on terrorism (TIME)
Inside Afgh. war hospitals: children left for dead amid escalating violence (Fox)
Female journalists defying taboos, braving death threats in Afgh.
The truth about stalemate in Afghanistan: the end to the conflict is not near
Bangladesh: The long shadow: government pandering to Islamist zealots (Economist)
India: ‘Christians seeing alarming spike in violence in past three years’ (Release Intl, ICC)
Sri Lanka: Flooding leaves 600,000 displaced, kill 200+, aid trickling in
Religious violence in Sri Lanka: a new perspective on an old problem

East Asia

China: The new driver of globalization.
Japan: “Political realignment among Japan’s religions” (CFR)
Why 500,000 youth never leave home: academic study
N Korea: “We can hit China with a nuclear-tipped missile
… and we can bet Beijing is aware of this.
S Korea: Why young South Koreans are turning away from religion

Southeast Asia

Cambodia: Child sex industry dwindling, and they have Christians to thank (CT)
ushering in a miraculous moment: underground to church planting boom
… anecdotally, others estimate even larger % of the country is Christian; huge movement
Indonesia: “Indonesia’s illiberal turn: after the Ahok case” (Foreign Affairs)
Laos: Gambling on Chinese investment in Laos: casinos
Malaysia: 130,000 Christian Burmese refugees living in KL, fleeing Myanmar
… fled from Chin state, where over 90% were Baptist by 2009, at odds with Buddhism
… hoped to resettle in US but might be affected by travel bans
Singapore: Art exhibit charts Christian movement across Asia

New Data

USA: interactive site on refugees in the US. Who’s in your area?
… and, American college freshmen are less religious than ever
Infographic: world population history map: the fall of Asia, rise of Africa
Animated map: Watch the movement of every refugee on earth since the year 2000

Longer reads

Why EMQ is shutting down: after 52 years.
In Mexico, the price of America’s hunger for heroin
USA: How Christians see Muslims (CT)
… and, How Dallas became one of the most refugee-friendly cities in America
How East and West think in profoundly different ways: surprising influence of geography
If you live as a hermit, whose feet will you wash?”
Germany: its long-term pursuit of Arab migrants as a demographic strategy

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

Baby boomers, too, are drowning in student debt
… if you were looking at second career missionaries, maybe think twice.

Pioneer Mission Startups, Strategy

Why don’t we anticipate hockey sticks?
… Smart people armed with lots of data still massively underestimate growth potential
Startup Growth: an online manual
… ads, landing pages, A/B testing, ad channels, copywriting, more. Some useful for us.

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

Bhutan: Asia’s secret sanctuary (Slideshow)
Egypt: fisherwomen who earn $5/day working 5-8 hours to catch fish with bare hands.
Afghanistan: Urban sprawl up Kabul’s mountainsides, with splashes of color
Iran: nomads’ cultural and sports festival, in photos


Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report is out.
… perhaps one of the most highly anticipated reports each year.
The coming business travel crisis
… airport rules for laptops and smartphones will change fast, exposing data
Everything Google announced at its keynote
… Rebuilding itself around machine learning.
Bringing the Internet to rural India
… impact on the unreached, considering Internet evangelism?
Numbers from Google I/O 2017
… 2b Androids, 800m Google Drivers, 500m Google Photos users, more…
Dubai and the rise of the robocops
… Uses face recognition. By 2030, to make up 25% of its police force, able to make arrests.
Machines vs. Humans: the battle for jobs in India
… affecting more than just IT engineers.
Who drives content to articles depends on the subject type
… Facebook for lifestyle & entertainment; Google for tech, business, sports.
… What about politics? world issues? religion? Not mentioned.
Google adds a personal tab to search filters
… anything related to Gmail account they are logged in to. Could it be your personal brain?
China activists fear increased surveillance with new security law
Facebook ‘almost ready to unveil its big attack on TV
Inside Amazon Prime Now hub: how Amazon does 2-hour delivery
Inside Google’s campaign to shut down phishing


“Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” ~Warren Buffett

“To the degree that the gospel shapes your self-image, you will identify with those in need.” ~Tim Keller

“Humility is the mother of giants. One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.” ~G.K. Chesterton

“A river cuts through a rock, not because of it’s power, but because of its persistence.” ~Jim Watkins

“A good recipe: be stubborn on the vision and strategy and flexible on the details and tactics.” ~@JeffBezos

“Change creates incompetence.” ~Seth Godin. (Most people hired to do what they know, not to change what they do.)

“The best lives are riddled with ambiguities and lined with shadows. Each of them is a story about grace.” ~@marilynmcentyre

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