Roundup 2017-05-19

New events

North Africa

Algeria:to resume flights to Libya, re-open embassy.
Chad:An uncertain future ontheshores of Africa’s vanishing lake(NatGeo)
Libya:Africa’s new slave trade: from Sahara to Libya
… ‘how migrants flee poverty to get sucked into a world of violent crime’
Morocco:China to buildthetallest building in Africa in Morocco
Morocco’s Christian Converts emerge fromtheshadows(AFP)

West Africa

Inside West Africa’s vanishing voodoo rituals.
C African Republic: “Christian militias kill 30 around Bangassou.”
Guinea:town’s unrest a cautionary tale for African mining[and for stability]
Guinea-Bissau:UN Security Council ready to act if political crisis worsens
Nigeria:Christians return to northeast as Boko Haram faces pressure.
… ‘Too soon to close camps for Boko Haram’s displaced

East Africa/Horn:

Eritrea:Refugee:TheEritrean Exodusvideo.
Ethiopia:How long can Ethiopia’s state of emergency last?
Uneasy peace and simmering conflict:thetown where three flags fly
Somalia:Thesecurity crisis.Cholera compounds famine.Interethnic clashes.
Sudan:White Nile state now hosts 140,000 S Sudan refugees
S Sudan:Inside Africa’s largest refugee crisis.

West Asia/Gulf

Christians, in an Epochal Shift, are leavingtheMiddle East(AINA, graph)
TheTime oftheKurds: a CFR Infoguide Presentation
Iraq:ISIS has only 12 square kilometers left in Mosul, according tothearmy.
ReliefWeb current report on humanitarian crisis in Mosul: 668,846 displaced
Lebanon:thegrowing marijuana production in Lebanon.
Saudi Arabia:Just how stable isthekingdom?
… Overhaul:Unofficial guardianship rules banned: but HRW says it doesn’t go far enough
Syria:In case you need it, an explainer onthemain factions inthecivil war.
Turkey:US arming Kurds could complicate relations: affect on visas?

South Asia

How shrines helped indigenise Islam and Christianity in South Asia
Afghanistan:Thedeadly poppy harvest is ontherise again.
Bangladesh: “Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims choosing Jesus over Allah
Iran:TheKingmaker in Iran’s Presidential Election: Khatami matters most
…theantiestablishment vote tends to dominate Iranian elections …
India:Two gang rapes show India still struggling with women’s safety.
… few cases make it tothecourt system.
Nepal:To vote in elections for first time in two decades
Pakistan:Escalating crackdown on Internet dissent
… ‘warning against sharing ‘blasphemous’ content on social media, asking people to report’
Pakistani children are being taught Chinese: expecting an influx of 20k Chinese expats
… ‘We have to learn Chinese and communicate with Chinese people…’

East Asia

China:Quietly releases draft of tough new intelligence law.
… power to monitor, raid, seize while investigating domestic/foreign people/groups
Has China restored private land ownership?Theimplications of Beijing’s new policy.
One Belt, One Road: est. $5 trillion infrastructure project spanning 60-plus countries.
Interview: Theresa Fallon on understanding One Belt, One Road initiative(RFE/RL)
An Economist explainer on One Belt, One Road
How China is buildingthepost-Western world: largest infrastructure program ever
China’s New World Order: investments in Pakistan to peacekeepers in South Sudan
… Might One Belt, One Road be used as a tool to enable Chinese missionaries to deploy?
Has China restored private land ownership?Theimplications of Beijing’s new policy.
Japan:For vulnerable high school girls, a culture of ‘dates’ with older men(Denver Post)
… ‘practice is nothing short of child prostitution’
… Video:how Japan is trying to fix its population crisis
… over 64 year olds to reach 38% by 2050. Tokyo: 2 vacancies for every job applicant
N Korea:Celebrates test of ‘perfect weapons system’: intermediate-range ballistic missile
… ‘a level of performance never before seen from a North Korean missile’
… ‘Points to progress toward ICBM
… ‘Theforgotten American missionaries of Pyongyang’:
… inthedecades before World War 2, US Christians created a ‘Jerusalem oftheEast’.

Southeast Asia

Indonesia:Islamist leader says ethnic Chinese wealth is next target
… led push to jail Christian governor, laid out plans for new, racially charged campaign …
Vietnam: ‘passion plays are powerful, because Vietnam has suffered with Christ
Workers overcome difficulties in Vietnam: new religion law raises challenges.

New Data / Resources

Online Chinese Christianity Collection: over 34,500 documents, growing
Under Caesar’s Sword: how do Christians respond to persecution?
… first systematic global investigation of responses by Christian communities
Subsaharan African immigrants intheUnited States: 1.7 million
Infographic:theworld is more stable thanthenews suggests(Economist)
… but fragility is increasing in unexpected places.
Africa drives global poverty: we’ve made progress, but not finished yet
Map:Predicted change in population of countries in Europe, 2016-2050
… north, west growing; south, east declining.

Upcoming prayer events

Anglicans:Thy Kingdom Come
Thirty Days of Prayer fortheMuslim World: May 27-June 25

Longer reads

New May 2017 Lausanne Global Analysis
… incl.article on DMMs andtheremaining 29% unevangelizedby Kent Parks (Beyond)
… also,is God reviving Europe through refugees?
3 Questions: Honor, Shame andtheGospel
… interview with Werner Mischke, coordinator for upcoming honor/shame conf.
Europe’s unavoidable migration delimmas.
Lawless, Chuck.God’s mission has an enemy: 10 facts about spiritual warfare.
… this short read has good points. TL;DR: talk about God more than Satan.
Teams Multiplying Movements: Interview with David Broodryk, Johan Visser
Buddhism, Science andtheWestern world:
… ‘In debates about science and religion, Buddhism mostly gets a pass…’
You can debatethenumber of martyrs, but nottheworld’s persecution problem(CT)

Lifehacking, Tactics, Skills, Rules

Fainting andthesummer heat: warmer days can make you swoon
… why people faint, how to prevent it. Important for workers in very hot regions …
8 things you hate about Gmail and how to fix them

Pioneer Mission Startups, Strategy

Alan Kay, “How to inventthefuture,” 2 lectures at Stanford, each 1 hour.Part 1.Part 2.
… “Companies hate industry-creators; they don’t want to make trillions uncomfortably; they want to make a few millions comfortably.”

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories

Mongolian Magic: Yoga, camel rides and yurts intheGobi desert
Trout and about: a fishing trip in Kyrgyzstan

Futuristics/Technology, a new initiative to democratizethebenefits of machine learning
#Crime:Hackers hit dozens of countries with WannaCry ransomware malware infection
Attack affects 150 countries.
Experts had been warning about this for some time
China, addicted to bootleg technology, reels from WannaCry ransomware attack
WannaCry hackers had no intention of giving users back their files even if they paid
Guardian has a continually updated blog of events related to WannaCry
WannaCry might have come from North Korea.
#Commerce:Why Amazon is eatingtheworld.
… a fascinating look at decentralization, feedback loops, and direct measurement.
#Curation:a new algorithm summarizes lengthy text surprisingly well
… probably some way off from widespread usage, but could help in several areas
#Robots:A robot revolution, this time in China
#Pornography:PornHub gets 500,000 VR views per day(analysis, safe for work)
… notethearticle has some sort of video link that I did NOT review.
#Social:How Facebook’s Fact Checking could make fake news spread even faster
… ‘Facebook is trying to silence this–share, share, share!’


“Theproblem withthepresent is it’s so glittery and distracting… it’s hard to think about anything exceptthepresent. If you’re thinking aboutthepresent, your ideas are going to be derived fromthepresent, and therefore they’re going to be incremental and therefore you won’t end up doing innovation.” ~Alan Kay

“The way of Jesus is to honor a people’s culture and its incorporated worldview, not to wrest them from it.” ~Charles Kraft

“An unmissionary church and an unchurchly mission are both, from the standpoint of thegospel, absurdities.” ~Lesslie Newbigin

“When you prohibit failure you inhibit innovation.” ~Dan Pallotta

“Live near to God, and so all things will appear to you little in comparison with eternal realities.” ~Robert Murray M’Cheyne

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