Roundup 2016-10-28

New events / trendlines
Syria: as we went to press, rebels staging major effort to break Aleppo siege
Afghanistan: aid agencies struggle to assist wave of returning refugees from Pakistan
… and, Afghanistan opium production up 43%Crops spread as Taliban gains ground.
… or, maybe it’s propaganda and the Taliban are really falling apart.
Azerbaijan: choosing between repressing dissent and western loans
… expand rights of local civil society or risk losing billions of dollars in loans
Bangladesh: new law lets govt suspend, terminate NGO for derogatory remarks
… ‘intended to intimidate groups critical of the government’
Cambodia: How China bought its way into Cambodia
… Beijing is driving development in the country.
… and, The secret underbelly of the Cambodian garment industry
China: living in China’s expanding deserts: beautiful video, photos
… people on the edges of vast seas of sand, being displaced by climate change.
China: a new generation of Chinese social entrepreneurs emerging in Africa
… and, most Africans think China’s influence is good.
China: Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across the world
… ‘We should increase China’s soft power, give a good Chinese narrative…’
… and, all the companies China is buying around the world.
China: the plan to organize its society relies on big data to rate everyone by 2020.
… surveillance, measure, scoring you on how trustworthy you are.
… ‘if trust is broken in one place, restrictions are imposed everywhere.’
China: Vatican & China in final push for elusive deal on bishops
China: HIV growing rapidly among Chinese youth
Germany: Syrians find mosques too conservative
Guinea: struggling to reel in foreign boats’ illegal fishing. (China, S Korea, Spain)
India: has 7 unicorns (companies worth > $1 billion) – startups may be a platform
… but doing business in India is difficult, and it isn’t improving
… the man trying to build India’s first $100 billion company: Paytm
Iraq: church bells peal in town retaken by Iraqi troops from IS
… 2 the Islamic State’s coming rural revival
… 3 ‘The coalition will ultimate recapture Mosul, but ISIS likely to resurge elsewhere
Japan: Seniors 75 and older outnumber children for the first time
… as Japanese population declines (-1M), foreign % of Japan rises
Jordan: how refugee camps became hubs of sci-fi tech and business
Maldives: leaves the Commonwealth over rights abuses allegations, deepens isolation
Mongolia: since commodities market went bust, now living from loan to loan
… ‘migrant settlements make capital into home for more than half of Mongolia population’
Nigeria: Boko Haram attack signals resilience of ISIS and its branches
N Korea: getting Korea to give up nuclear bomb probably ‘lost cause’
Pakistan: how small Sialkot became a world class manufacturing hub
Philippines: to keep US ties, but will not be subservient
… read all the stories from Philippines with an honor/shame perspective.
… despite the rhetoric, little will probably change.
Saudi: the massive demographic bulge, not oil prices, is driving change.
… Population growth makes current economic model, even with oil rally, unsustainable
Saudi women vote for the first time: what did that look like?
South Sudan: as war continues, refugees flow into Uganda
… families in South Sudan, internally displaced, struggle to feed themselves
… Economist calls Uganda a model for dealing with refugees, others following example
Tajikistan: up to 60% of families rely on remittances from migrant labor in Russia
Thailand: the nation’s new uncertainty.
… weighing new Internet rules making government spying easy.
Uganda: a tiny village became the world’s 4th largest refugee camp.
Yemen: famine looms as bombing [intentionally?] targets food production
… 14 million (300,000 children) going hungry, suffer malnutrition

Studies / Charts / Graphs / PDFs / Statistics
Iran: Mosul Humanitarian Response Situation Report, infographic
… 10,500+ displaced, 200,000 expected displacement, 1 million worst case scenario
Iran: the history of Mosul in five maps
WEF: The 10 countries where it’s toughest to be a girl
Economist: the dangerous migrant roadsj to Europe, graphed
WEF: The economic implications of India’s overtaking #1 population by 2022.

Christianity, trends, stats, studies (new, experimental section)
India: ‘Incredible Indian Christianity
… ‘The world’s most vibrant Christward movement’
China: Mission 2030 aims to send 20,000 Chinese overseas as missionaries by 2030.
… Also: Prosperity theology offers Hong Kong’s rich peace of mind. (not Christian author?)

Longer reads: books, long articles, etc.
Lottie Moon’s sister: missionary to Palestine, lady physician to Confederate rebels.
These 5 different camps tell the story of the global refugee crisis.
New: 2nd edition, Encountering the World of Islam. 640pp. Kindle, $9.99. Must-have!
Missed the WEA MC meeting in Panama? Read all the presentations here.

Lifehacking / Tactics / Individual Skills
5 practices of a world Christian: goer, sender, welcomer, prayer, mobilizer
The best practice guide to asking for referrals: important practice in fundraising
Marc Andressen on tests founders must pass to get funded by VCs.
… speaks to idea of ‘implicit tests’; what tests to get to donors, people of peace, etc?
Cognitive biases cheat sheet.
… ‘every cognitive bias is there for a reason–mainly to save us time and energy.’
… ‘this helps us understand why they exist, how they’re useful, trade-offs they introduce.’
20 simple productivity tricks anyone can use: helpful assimilation of common methods

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Strategic Concepts
North Star’: the critical importance of having a clear vision
The Best PR advice you’ve never heard’ from Facebook’s head of Tech Communications
… Compelling message: RIBS test (relevant, inevitable, believable, simple)
… What a launch is and isn’t. Brand Lens: tagline, attributes, differentiators, actions.
… 7 ugly sins of communications. 7 productive habits of communications.

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories, Photocollages
Canada: what does it mean to help one family? A hopeful and yet terribly sad story.
The Eagle Huntress: Aisholpan, 13-year-old Kazakh girl, master of hunting w/gold eagles.
The Viraat Ramayan Mandir temple complex in India ‘will be largest religious monument’?
The Young Kurds: a generation of refugees comes of political age in the American South
Syria: How to survive in Aleppo
China: a trip through Guiyang. (Photos!)
China: a deep look at the Hui of China.
… Also, Chinese-Islamic Connections: an historical and contemporary overview. $
Reporting from the Yemeni refugee camp in Djibouti
UKGuardian: Tips for holiday travel in Iran
Libyan students celebrate graduation amid ruins

The fatal mistake that doomed Samsung’s Galaxy Note: long read, documentary
Massive, sustained Internet attack on 10/21 powered by hacked CCTV cameras, DVRs
… and, “Someone is learning how to take down the Internet.”
Scientists say Google is changing our brains: outsourcing memory to the Internet
… more likely to refer to Internet, quicker to do so, little attempt to figure it out ourselves
Surveillance: secretive AT&T program surveilling meta data on cell phone calls
… Project Hemisphere: no warrant required, just a promise not to reveal the program
… and, Google quietly drops ban on personally identifiable web tracking
VR: Google building eye-tracking headset that mixes VR with the real world.
AutoDrive: a photographic history of Google’s quest to build an autonomous-drive car.
… and, the first commercial delivery made by self-driving truck: 2,000 cases of Budweiser.
Google gets into the Whiteboard business: 55” 4K ‘Jamboard,’ output on Google Drive.
AI: Google’s DeepMind is capable of teaching itself without human input.
Drones: US has secretly expanded its military drone bases in North Africa.
The $1 trillion shipping industry: global, complex, least-connected, going digital.


“Religious people have preferences; missional people have stories.” ~Bruce Wesley

“Where there is no faithfulness in proclaiming Christ, there is no growth.” ~Donald McGavran

“Most of us are more interested in gathering a following than we are in leading. There is a huge difference.” ~Cody Lorance

“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying.” ~Michael Jordan

“Most of those yet to follow Christ will not fit readily into the kinds of churches we now have.” ~Ralph Winter

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