Roundup 2016-10-14

New events / trendlines

81 killed Wednesday in 50 Russian/Syrian attacks on rebel-held Aleppo
Eastern Aleppo could be destroyed by Christmas, warns UN Syria envoy
Berlin 1945, Grozny 2000, Aleppo 2016: destruction so complete

Thai king death: thousands throng streets for procession
In photos: mourners grieve death of Thailand’s king
Guidelines & warnings for tourists in Thailand during period of mourning
Thailand’s heir apparent raises fears, and eyebrows
Death of the Thai king throws the country into turmoil

Afghanistan: Taliban threaten to overrun capital of Helmand province
China: diplomatic pressure is gradually moving the Dalai Lama off the world stage.
… and, Hukou reform and China’s migrant workers
Ethiopia: railway to Djibouti lifts China’s efforts in Africa’s rail network
Iraq: in fight against Islamic State, Kurds expand their territory
India: emerging climate accord could push a/c out of sweltering India’s reach
… phase out HFCs would phase out cheap aircon units just in reach of mid-class
Libya: are Libyans abandoning democracy in search of stability?
… forced between extremes of militia/Islamists, or military rule
… the economy is near collapse
Pakistan: Asia Bibi blasphemy case to be heard by supreme court
… “an acquittal… would be legally momentus…”
Somalia: Humanitarian snapshot infographic, as of 12 Oct 2016
Turkey: state of emergency extended 3 months
USA: Hispanic population grew, growth slowing, more Christian
… 7% (1980) to 17% (2014)–but growth slowing as many leave, birth rates drop
… 55-65% are Catholic, making up 40% of Catholics in USA, 70% of Catholic ch growth
… 22% of Hispanics are Protestants (16% evangelical), many recent shift from Catholic

Studies / Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
US Congressional Executive Commission on China releases 2016 report: PDF, 346pp.
Report of the Special Rep. of UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
Economist Chart: the global burden of disease, declines in death, what kills us now
… and, Shifts in Global Burden of Disease highlighted in new report
WFP: 8 facts about disasters, hunger and nutrition
Poverty & Death: Disaster and Mortality 1996-2015.
Military expenditure by country, 1988-2015. PDF, 21pp.
… and, the true scale of nuclear bombs: a frightening little infographic
Child marriage: 15 million girls marry before age 18 each year: video, facts
Map: Most valuable squares, producing over $100 billion
… divides world into 18,000 squares, highlights which have GDP of $100 billion or more

Longer reads I’m reading
SIM merging with Middle East Christian Outreach
Washington Post: “Raising Barriers: a new age of walls
Seipp. Innovation in World Mission: a framework for transformational thinking
… How to scan, build impact maps, and create scenarios to think about the future
Christensen. Competing against Luck: the story of innovation and customer choice.
… How Jobs Theory can help you engineer an organization to serve what people want to do
Horowitz. The hard thing about hard things: building a business when there are no easy answers.
Georges. 3D Gospel: ministry in guilt, shame and fear cultures.
Georges, Baker. Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures.

Lifehacking / Tactics / Individual Skills
Surveillance Self-Defense: tips, tools and how-tos for safer online communications
How to stay anonymous online: onion routing, disabling trackers, secure web, and more
Mobile security survival guide for journalists
Highly readable and informative piece on the perils of security with a mobile phone
… in the context of Signal messenger, but gives vast insight into mobile security in general
… “encryption offers confidentiality–not anonymity”
… “metadata is sufficient to conduct traffic analysis and build social network graphs”
Problogger: Recommended blogging resources in various categories.

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Strategic Concepts
An easy checklist for getting started with people group ministry
… click the ‘+’ buttons to the left to reveal the items in the outline
The world’s first massively open online course on ending slavery

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories, Photocollages
Yemen: A Child’s Life: “We sleep afraid, we wake up afraid
For young refugees, child marriage is a form of protection
A photocollage: what kids in 14 countries eat for lunch
… Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, more.

Number of Internet users by world region, 1990-2015
Telecom infrastructure (incl undersea cables) now built by Facebook+Microsoft.
AI: new lab to help computers better understand audio, visual information
Surveillance: Social media surveillance software used by police faces backlash
… also, Local police using CIA-funded software (Geofeedia) to track all social media posts
… also, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram surveillance used to arrest Baltimore protestors
… services revoked access after an ACLU report
… and, Russian startup can correctly match 73% of people to large photo database
… and, Yahoo has a creepy plan for advertising billboards to spy on you
… OTOH: How social media is being weaponized
Music: Amazon launches Music Unlimited, vs Apple and Spotify
Security: Moving beyond passwords


“No man was ever wise by chance.” ~Seneca

“Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct.” ~Thomas Carlyle

“Suffering times are a Christian’s best improving times.” ~George Whitefield

“Why is it okay to be concerned about the unborn, but not equally concerned about children drowning in the ocean fleeing war?” ~Bob Roberts

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