Roundup 2016-09-30

Current Events / Trendlines / Articles
Eritrea: why do so many Eritreans risk their lives fleeing the country?
Horn of Africa: Kenya’s plan to close Dadaab is forcing repatriation to Somalia
… sending thousands of refugees back into a war zone.
Japan: ‘hikikomori’: 0.5 million young who refuse to leave their homes
… recoil from society, haven’t left home or interacted with others for 6 months or more
Nigeria: Disastrous living conditions worse than violence, says MSF
N Korea: defectors sold as brides in China want kids back.
… a look at what the women who flee North Korea often have to go through
Pakistan: three Taliban leaders reportedly killed in Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia: tattered finances end country’s flirtation with free oil markets.
… pump-at-will dropped prices from $100/barrel to $30/barrel, now going back up.
Singapore: the teenage blogger who wounded Singapore’s religious feelings.
… ‘Singapore has rules that outlaw speech that may offend a person’s race or religion.’
Syria: Aleppo under most intense air bombardment since war began.
… and, children in Syria grow up knowing nothing but war
Turkey: 5 convicted of killing Christians in Malatya sentenced for life but remain free
… remain free pending appeal to two higher courts.
… and, Christians, Jews in Turkey growing more fearful of Islamic extremism
Yemen: over 350,000 children were out of school last year because of ongoing war

Studies / Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
UN Statistical Yearbook, 2016 edition, PDF edition
FlowingData: Most common family types in America
… useful to understand where candidates come from; could be done for other countries too
UNDP: Women. Food. Climate. Achieving food security in 6 countries [through women]
CFR: What college-aged students know about the world: a survey on global literacy
… out of 75 possible answers, 55% were answered correctly, 31% incorrectly

Long Reads / Mission Industry News / Missional Thinking
WPost: the children of divorcees in the 70s, USA grew up to be religious nones.
IDOP: The story of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted
CT: What is an evangelical? Four questions offer new definition
New: Caring for Creation: the evangelical’s guide to climate change & a healthy environment

Lifehacking / Tactics / Individual Skills
Social Media: can I use this photo? understanding image copyright
… also, links to free stock photography & tips for using Google Image Search
Language: why teaching in the heart language isn’t optional.
Personal Organization: the Bullet Journal is the easiest system I’ve found.
… I, Justin Long, use this every day. My notebook is referred to as ‘my brain’ at home.
Communication: How to email: brevity is the highest virtue.

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories, Photocollages
1:33m Video: From Niger to Europe: one teenager’s search for safety
Bangalore: young rural women in India chase big-city dreams
… and, In India, a small band of women risk it all for a chance to work
AFP: apocalyptic street scenes in Aleppo (12 photos)

AI: 45 artificial intelligence startups targeting retail, infographic
AutoDrive: Americans unconvinced of potential good of self-driving cars
… and, self-driving cars are set to radically change motor insurance
Broadband: Virtual Reality will require new, upgraded networks with more bandwidth
Drones: a bot so good at dodging obstacles it can fence
… and, When hurricane hunters are replaced by drones. Why not tornado hunters, too?
Justice: new phone, computer app to combat human trafficking launched
Medical: 5 things to know about antimicrobial resistance
Security: The secret [and personal] life of passwords, a touching ethnography
… and, KrebsOnSecurity taken offline by a DDoS attack harnessing the Internet of Things
… think DVRs, webcams, home appliances used to generate DDoS attack data against targets
Social: Digital in 2016 report, 537 slides plus report
Solar: we could power the entire world with the solar energy from 1% of the Sahara
… the question is not power generation, but transmission.


“Never become someone’s opinion of you.” ~Edward Albee

“Tools and plans dependent upon outsiders to teach or facilitate movement will never multiply.” ~David Sinclair

“The number one most important thing is knowing why you are doing what you are doing.” ~Derek Sivers

“In the choice between changing one’s mind and proving there’s no need to do so, most people get busy on the proof.” ~John Kenneth Galbraith

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