Roundup 2016-09-16

Current Events / Trendlines / Articles
West Africa: Rising Islamist militancy across Sahel threatens African Christianity
Africa: Discussing ways to stop the continent’s mass rural exodus
ISIS: flow of foreign fighters slows to ISIS slows as territory shrinks
Afghanistan: Waziristan residents pick up the pieces of their shattered homeland
China: Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post shut down its China-language site
Egypt: new church law discriminates against Christians
… authorities fail to prevent, punish violent attacks
Italy: ‘fertility day’ call to make babies arouses anger, not ardor
… a problem shared by many nations
Syria: Truce: UN hails significant drop in violence
… Not an end to the war, but perhaps the beginning of the end
… The White Helmets: Netflix documentary of Syria’s rescue volunteers
… inside the Syrian dust bowl that sparked a civil war.
… Syrian Voices: “We are dying slowly.
Turkey: refugees pour out into Greece as deal with Europe falters
Nigeria: largest airline shuts down as dollar crunch bites
N Korea: How sophisticated is North Korea’s nuclear program?
… and, North Korea, far from crazy, is all too rational
… Few expect China to punish North Korea for latest nuclear test
Yemen: why it isn’t an American priority.
… and, Why is Yemen too dangerous to report on? BBC video.
USA: State of the Church in America, Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Studies / Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
Im & Yong. “Global diasporas and mission.” OCMS. Free PDF download.
The World’s Most Fragile States: Fragile State Index

Long Reads / Mission Industry News / Missional Thinking
Ethnodoxology: what it means, why it’s essential for church planting
Centered and Sent: should the church be attraction or missional? (Yes.)
WEF: Why the free movement of people is important
Sunnis and Shias: how Muslim sectarianism affects politics, and vice-versa

Lifehacking / Tactics / Individual Skills
Pray for ISIS Prayer Guide
If you need really secure email, you might check out ProtonMail
… free, Switzerland-based, seemingly pretty unbreathable

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Strategic Concepts
Mission Catalyst: 5-minute guide to choosing where to send a church’s short-term teams

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories, Photocollages
David Joannes. Unreached people groups don’t always live in ugly places.
China: The bizarre world of bitcoin mining finds a new home in Tibet.
Some articles regarding the hajj
Throwing stones and slaughtering sheep at the Hajj
Millions of Hajj pilgrims reaching Mecca (BBC Video)
3 Photos: Muslim hajj pilgrimage reaches its pinnacle
Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha (Al Jazeera)
5 Xinjiang: “An intimate (and somewhat disturbing) look at Eid-al Adha

Morozov, Evgeny. “Only a cash strapped public sector finds smart technology sexy
… is it just a euphemism for privatization?
AI: The link between deep neural networks and the nature of the universe
… its about physics, not mathematics.
AutoDrive: What Uber’s like without someone behind the wheel
… Uber rolls out auto-drive cars. Very short video.
Bitcoin: startups want in on the $500 billion remittance market
Journalism: FB and Twitter join coalition to improve social media newsgathering
Mobile: Apple is creating a world where you never take off your headphones
Power: Is this the tipping point for electric cars?
… making them has been easy. Charging them has been tough. Until now.


“He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.” -Chinese proverb

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