Roundup 2016-09-09

Current Events / Trendlines / Articles
WSJ: What happens after ISIS falls? Demise likely to bring new problems
Foreign Affairs: Mosque and State: The future of political Islam
Boston Globe The new face of terrorism: from the grand to the mundane
… importance of building resilience to the mundane
Saudi Arabia v. Iran: the Sectarian Spat over the Hajj
Afghanistan: Taliban insurgents strongly control Uruzgan
Afghanistan: how Kabul is cleaning up the illicit economy (over $1 billion)
China: Shariah with Chinese Characteristics: a look at the Hui
China: tech-savvy, burned-out and spiritually adrift, turn to Buddhism
Germany: church network shelters Afghan deportees
India: Al Jazeera Video, “The Nuclear Riddle”: escalating the arms race?
Iran: Soldiers of the Revolution: a brief history of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards
Laos: “millions of unexploded bombs remain”; US to help clear
Libya: Unified against ISIS, fragmented after: the problems are far from over
Myanmar: its best known business house is joining up with multinationals
Maldives: Al Jazeera investigative report “Stealing Paradise
Niger: Agadez traffickers profit from movement through Niger to Libya
N Korea: Conducts its fifth nuclear test, drawing broad condemnation
… “What they want is international recognition as a nuclear power”
N Korea: Scott Snyder, expert who has visited Pyongyang a dozen times
… 34 minute podcast.
N Korea: Sanctions, what sanctions?
… the Chinese border town doing business with North Korea
Pakistan: over 80% of Pakistanis drink unsafe/contaminated water
Philippines: crime war claiming 44 lives per day
Syria: Living like ghosts in the ruins of besieged Aleppo
South Sudan: accepts 4,000 more UN peacekeepers
Tajikistan: Last madrassas finally closed.
USA: In Orlando, a “Modest Fashion” boutique for Hijabi Women
Uzbekistan: After Karimov, little chance of change
Yemen: “Women like us”: on women and war in Yemen

Studies / Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
ShipMap: an animated map of all shipping in the world.
Pew: 6 facts about religious hostilities in the Middle East
UNICEF: Uprooted: the growing crisis for refugee and migrant children (PDF)
Forbes: What M. King Hubbert got wrong on “peak oil in the 1970s”

Long Reads / Mission Industry News / Missional Thinking
Atlantic. Apeirophobia: the fear of eternity. Apparently it’s a real thing.

Lifehacking / Tactics / Individual Skills
Global Missions Podcast: Paul Watson discusses Contagious Disciple Making
If traveling through USA, here’s an airport survival guide.

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Strategic Concepts
Hunter Walk: Google finds successful teams about norms, not just smarts
Steve Jobs: on finding the “right horses to ride” and courage.
… “have the courage of our convictions”

UPG Profiles, Travelogues, Stories, Photocollages
The testimony of a 70-year elder from a large Chinese church network
Pioneers’ 3-part video “Middle Ground” on Central Asia
Diana Hadid, NYT: What Muslims do on Hajj, and why
… “I will be chronicling my journey for the New York Times and social media”

AI: Economist Special Report on Artificial Intelligence
AutoDrive: Self driving robots will soon deliver the mail in Switzerland
AutoDrive: Uberworld: leading the race to transform the future of transport
Fuel: Two new Caspian oil fields will add to the glut of oil on the market
Handicapped: Gloves that translate sign language into text and speech
Mobile: UNHCR on connectivity for refugees
Mobile: everything Apple just announced, in 2 minutes
Power: US Army, Chevy to unveil hydrogen fuel cell Colorado truck
Surveillance: Internet Tracking has moved beyond cookies
Interface: WaveNet: new, amazingly realistic voice synthesis


“You can only write regularly if you’re willing to write badly. Accept bad writing as a way of priming the pump, a warm-up exercise that allows you to write well.” -Jennifer Egan

“Do you know what true influencers rarely, if ever, talk about? Being influential.” -Vala Afshar

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” -Muhammad Ali

“Making you feel happy is not the primary purpose of the Bible.” -Michelle Lesley

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