Roundup 2016-03-04

Current Events / Trendlines / Articles
China: coal use has dropped as economic growth has slowed. Link.
China: death and despair in China’s rustbelt. Link.
China: high speed sexual revolution [over the last 20 years]. Link.
… 1989: 15.5% premarital sex. 2014: 71%.
China: Brides are so scarce in China, some men are even considering divorced women. Link.
China: Why does China have women-only mosques? Link.
India: Guru Inc.: India’s holy men enter the world of big business. Link.
Iraq/Kurdistan: Fin de renaissance. “The Kurdish miracle is disappearing.” Link.
Iraq: Mosul dam engineers warn it could fail at any time, killing 1 million. Link.
Japan: almost one-third of working women have been sexually harassed. Link.
Mali: one of the deadliest UN missions in the world. Link.
Niger: the girl who said ‘no’ to forced marriage. Link.
… with graph of % of women married as children in northern/western Africa
Oman: two activists sentenced to prison for social media postings. Link.
Nigeria: president orders inquiry into latest massacre of Christian farmers. Link.
Pakistan: biggest province passes law protecting women. Link.
… but a powerful committe of Islamic scholars vows to block it: runs afoul of Islamic law.
Syria: refugees, desperate just to go to school. Link.
… “Girls often confined to homes, where safety can be monitored; or child marriage”
USA: new study suggests innovation in America depends on foreigners. Link.

Studies / Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
Graph: % of population with access to the Internet in world’s major economies, 1960-2014. Link.
Urban Development: 7 publications from the World Bank. Link.
USA: immigrant population by metro area, interactive map. Link.
USA: mapping the most distressed communities in America. Link.
… would be interesting to see the intersection of this and the immigrant map…
Adorned: Praying for South Asian Women (prayer guide, resources). Link.
Syria: Worst drought in 900 years helped in part to spark civil war. Link.
Power to the Powerless: 1.1 billion globally. Lots of stats, some strategies. Link.
… “Subsaharan Africa uses less electricity than New York state.”
YouVersion Bible reading plan on refugees. Link.
Free Ebook: Ministry to Migrants and Asylum Seekers: a guide for evangelical churches. Link.
Infographic: Sri Lanka: about the size of West Virginia, with 21 million people. Link.

Long Reads / Mission Industry News / Missional Thinking
Fulton, Brent. China: Beyond theological education. Link.
… “The increasing professionalization of church leadership in China is not without its pitfalls.”
Stetzer, Ed. 3 secrets of church planting. Link.
… “#1: Evangelism > Administration until administration is needed for evangelism.”
Christar: caring for workers in the midst of crisis (when forced to evacuate). Link.
… “How do we help them recover and recalibrate their dreams?”
Arthur, Eddie: “Mission all over the place. Link.
… “we are losing sight of some of the specific challenges of international/cross-cultural mission…”
Nyman, James: Stubborn Perseverance. How to get started if your church isn’t pursuing movements.
… book excerpt. Link.

Lifehacking / Tactics / Individual Skills
Hofer, Titus: Welcoming the nations. Link.
… “I had always wanted to be a missionary, but had never had a Hindu or Muslim friend.”
Sundell, Jeff: Telling stories of hope: a quick outline of how to do a DBS. Link.
Worthington, Alli: 7 signs you’ve become too busy for your own good. Link.
Ferris, Tim: How to take notes like an alpha-geek. Very useful. Link.
4 reasons to use Warren Buffet’s method for making better decisions. Link.
… vs. experimenting. At bottom, serious decisions require more thought and commitment.
Misperceptions about missionaries, part 2. Link.
… never afraid, don’t need support, saying good-bye gets easier, more.
When God tells you to wait on missions. Link.

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Strategic Concepts
What does it mean to be sent? Excerpt from “The Sending Church.” Link.
Lorang, Noah: Data scientists mostly just do arithmetic, and that’s a good thing. Link.
… “Most businesses don’t need data science… just accurate/actionable info to help make decisions.”
Parks, Stan: Training movement catalysts: a 3-phase process. Link.
… “how few workers receive practical experience in movements prior to their deployment”
5 levels of movement leadership. Link.
… Seed sowers, church planters, multipliers, movement trainers, strategy coordinators.

UPG Profiles
Smuggler’s Story: how one man helped Iraqis escape IS. Link.
Chernobyl’s Reindeer: the Norwegian herders living in the shadow of nuclear disaster. Link.
… different take on Rudolph’s shiny nose. Norwegians aren’t unreached, but consider others nearby.
Iran: the Persian bazaar still thrives in modern Iran. Link.
Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia, a Kingdom to myself. NYT Travel Log. Link.
Oscar 2015 foreign-language spotlight: Mauritania’s ‘Timbuktu.’ Link.

Futuristics / Tech
Google unveils neural network with superhuman ability: can id location of almost any image. Link.
… will have major surveillance and security implications.
Pew: Demographics of Social Media users. Link.
The digital divide, by country: % of adults who report using the Internet at least occasionally. Link.
Facebook: state of connectivity 2015: a report on global Internet access. Link.
A mapping app for urban wanderers. Link.
Will VR make life better, or be an opiate for the masses? Link.
… Virtual prayer journeys vs. short-term trips? …
The dark side of online harassment: menacing behavior. Link.
… 40% of adult Internet users have experienced some kind of online harassment. …
Chris Dixon: what’s next in computing? Great examination of history + trends. Link.
Facebook: can map more of the earth in a week than we have in history. Link.
3 massive ‘secular’ tech trends that will change the church. Link.
… online learning, casual live streaming, automated email …


“If we don’t do what we see in scripture, we won’t see what we see in scripture.” ~Ray Vaughn

“Everyone dreams of changing the world, but no one dreams of changing himself.” ~Tolstoy

“Disciplemakers who enjoy feeling relied upon seldom reproduce other disciple-makers.” ~Kirk Anderson

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” ~Bill Gates

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you only think what everyone else is thinking.” ~Haruki Murakami

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