Roundup 2016-01-29

Current Events / Trendlines / Articles
Losing their religion: when Muslim immigrants leave Islam. Link.
Islamic Scripture is not the problem [with terrorism]. Link.
How ISIS approaches Islamic Scripture. Link.
Zen and the art of moneymaking: Buddhism & Business. Link.
The cities Americans are thronging to and fleeing (also diaspora). Link.
35 food crops are so essential to global food security that they need protecting. Link.
Africa: how a population boom will change it. Link.
Arabian Peninsula: why Christianity is surging in the heart of Islam. Link.
Or: Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East? Link.

China: Religion on the rise. From 2015. Link.
Reviewed: A star in the east: the rise of Christianity in China (Stark et al). Link.
China: Render unto Caesar: party leaders persecute churches even as they try to co-opt them. Link.
India/Pakistan: the possibility of a war going nuclear. Link.
South Sudan: is the next civil war starting? Link.
South Sudan: peace growing, normalizing relations? Border opening: Link.
Syria: everything you need to know about how we got here. Link.
Syria: the lost generation of girls. Link.
Why Turkey sees the Kurds as a bigger threat than ISIS. Link.
North Korea: you can visit as a tourist (even though tourists have been arrested). Link.

Studies / Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
Chart: gender disparity, males vs females ratio, China, India, Europe, USA. Link.
Pew: what it means to be poor by global standards. Link.
Pew: Teens, Technology, Friendships: how teens meet & interact. Link.
Are Muslim countries more war-prone? Not necessarily. Link.
HRW World Report 2016: human rights around the globe. 659pp. Link.
Transparency International: 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index. Link.
… Somalia worst offender, 6 billion live in countries where corruption is rife …
Regional Refugee & Migrant Response Plan, Europe, 2016. Link.
… 1 million refugees to Europe, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq …
Ecstasy and Exodus: charismatic Christianity thrives among people on the move. Link.
If you’re interested in China, you should be following ZGBriefs. Sample.
Amity prints over 12 million Bibles in China, but most are for export. Link.

Long Reads / Mission Industry News
Alifeoverseas: The normal fallacy. Link.
Marti Wade: Mobilizing through Mentoring: relationships are our most powerful tools. Link.
Joy Tira: Making connections with scattered people. Link.
Patheos: A theology guide for guilt, shame and fear cultures. Link.
… critical to understand; approaching shame or fear from guilt perspective rarely works …
John Huckins: Why you need more Muslim friends. Link.

Muslims and Christians worshipping the same God? More links…
David Garrison, Global Gates: “Yes… and no.” Link.
Christianity Today, on EMS Occasional Bulletin. Link.
The EMS Occasional Bulletin. Link.
Arab Christians thinking of “same God” debate. Link.
Jerry Rankin, Zwemer Center: “same God, different theological concepts, only Jesus.” Link.
Randy Alcorn: “saying they worship the same God is easily confused and unhelpful.” Link.
Skye Jethani infographic: “It depends.” Link.

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Work / Lifehacking
Fermi estimation for startup business models: how to estimate any metric you don’t know. Link.
TED: Accuracy and Precision are not the same thing. Link.
HBR: Signs your team is too strong for its own good. Link.
99u: The many, many problems with “follow your passion.” Link.
TED: Why good leaders make you feel safe. Link.
Inc: Why failure makes you a better leader. Link.
… willing to take the risks necessary to achieve success …
Escaping the new media cargo cult: how I learned to stop worrying & ignore the metrics. Link.
… for individuals engaging with personal connections, metric-oriented tactics less useful …
Screen & Life Matrix: a tool for discussing the healthiness of screen time. Link.
… mind on/off vs. enriching/toxic: help kids think critically about activities …
Black Swans, Gray Swans, and Pink Flamingos: levels of predictability, impact. Link.
… Black=unpredictable/unk. impact; Gray=improbable/impactful; Pink=predictable/ignored …

Missional thinking / Mission hacking / Tactics / Skills
A crash course in Bible Storying. Link.
Anyone can learn these three phrases in another language. Link.
Paul Worcester: The third discipleship essential: reproducibility. Link.

UPG Profiles
Roads & Kingdoms: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. Link.
Rautes: the last nomadic hunter-gatherers of the Himalayas. Photoessay. Link.
Traditional Kurdish wedding in Iranian Kurdistan. Photoessay. Link.
Hooked & Pierced: 1 million+ Hindus at Thaipusam festival in Malaysia. Link.

Futuristics / Tech
Pew: Mapping Twitter topic networks: from polarized crowds to community clusters. Link.
… Community archetypes, and why it’s useful to map social landscapes …
Technology Review: The social network illusion that tricks your mind. Link.
… frequent posters make you think their ideas common, but high-frequency posters are rare…
McKinsey: The four global forces breaking all the trends. Link.
… urbanization, tech change, aging, globalization …
Economist: first year the world spends more time online than watching TV. Link.
More than half China’s population is online, most use smartphones. Link.
… Nears 700 million. Link.


“Grace is given to heal the spiritually sick, not to decorate spiritual heroes.” ~Martin Luther

“More people have been brought into the church by the kindness of real Christian love than by all the theological arguments in the world.” ~William Barclay

“I’m practicing the discipline of not having to have the last word.” ~Dallas Willard

“The challenge of the church is to be less of a destination and more of a training ground for Christians who want to change their world.” ~Ari Rocklin

“If the Kingdom of God is more like a living organism than a corporation, why do we expect churches and ministries to experience perpetual and unhindered expansion year after year?” – Scott Bessenecker

“God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but individuals ready to follow him.” ~Hudson Taylor

“Money is what people use for security when they don’t trust God.” ~Mark Dever

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