Roundup 2015-11-07

Two most interesting links of the week
Refugee Republic, a virtual exploration of a refugee camp. Link.
Building a growth machine: scientific method, how to design, track viral growth experiments. Link.

Current Events / Trendlines / Articles
Burundi: descent into lawlessness. HRW. Link.
The countryless children: refugee children with no nationality, born on the run. Link.
China is losing interest in learning English, wants to spread Chinese culture. Link.
China, 2-child: “the real reason… millions of new consumers…” Link.
China, 2-child: “one child culture is entrenched in China.” Link.
China, 2-child: 13 million ‘nonpersons’, 2nd/3rds born illegally over past 40 years. Link.
Related, in Europe: policies & processes for reversing low fertility rates. Link.
China’s Singles Day is about shopping, sexism and shame. Link.
… by 2020, China will have more than 24 million surplus bachelors.
… ambitious women are balking at the idea of marrying for convenience or duty.
… median age for women to marry in Shanghai hit over 30 for the first time in 2012.
China: Guizhou church raided. An odd little data point. Link.
… “the Religious Affairs Bureau wants to build a large church, but … “
… “… not enough members, [so] authorities are forcing us to join gov’t church…”
… @brentsfulton: “Win-win for RAB: wipe out competition, win administrative battle, take credit for growing the church.”
India: “religious places of Muslims, Christians in Odisha should be regulated.” Link.
… as the increase in Christian population would soon be a demographic challenge …
India: why BJP defeat in Bihar could send it down a more nationalist road. Link.
Iraq: Christian militia fighters, defending their villages against IS advance. Link.
Myanmar: the first free election in 25 years. Link.
Nepal: Hindu v Secular crisis > fuel boycott > 50% ch attendance drop (no travel). Link.
Russia: the young princelings and the neo-feudal state. Link.
Syria: video, “Who’s fighting and why,” short overview. Link.
Vietnam, others, relaxing Chinese visa rules. Chinese believers into VietnamLink.

Charts / Graphs / Reports / Statistics / Resources
Afghanistan: 10 facts about hunger in Afghanistan. Key statistics. Link.
India: 21% of the world’s annual population increase from 2015-2015. Link.
Africa’s road death rate is double Europe’s. Bigger safety hazard than persecutionLink.
Color-coded map of ethnicity in Africa. Link.
Infographic: Global adult, youth literacy rates rising, approaching/over 90%. Link.
Missiographic: Words of Life for a Thirsty World. Link.
Saudi Arabia ranks 8th globally in terms of teens using Snapchat. Link.
Corruption, the hidden tax on growth (and a problem faced by field workers). Link.

Long Reads / Mission Industry News
Zwemer: Will Muslims take over? Keep calm, and think Biblically. Excellent points. Link.
IMB Spending Crunch: down to $300 million and 4,000 professional missionaries. Link.
… a victim of it’s own success?
USA: the labor market 25 years from now (also, the mission candidate market). Link.
Issachar Initiative: 2 page, recommendations of Next Steps for engaging UPGs. Link.
WPost: ~40% of Millennials have tattoos (mission candidates…). Link.

Pioneer Mission Startups / Startup Thinking / Work / Lifehacking
50% of YC’s 1,000 startups have failed, but successes > $65 billion. Link.
… are we willing to endure 50% failure rate in missional startups to get to success?
Why herds of unicorns are inevitable in the Network age. Parallels to movements? Link.
Failure isn’t the goal, learning is. Learn fast. (Also lesson of Lean Startup). Link.

UPG Profiles
Uighurs: China is trying to limit Muslim births, which are 4x national average. Link.
Eritrea: Exodus after independence dream became a nightmare. Link.
Tibetan Buddhists gather for the Bliss Dharma assembly. Photos. Link.
Syria: devastation of Deir al-Zor. 2-year-old, haunting apocalyptic photo. Link.
Syria: life in a Kurdish-controlled enclave in NE Syria along Turkish border. Link.
Photos: “inside the Al Nusra academy training the next generation of jihadis.” Link.
ISIS: The true horrors of life under Islamic State. Reuters podcast. Link.
Germany: for some Muslim asylum seekers, Christianity beckons. Link.
USA: First Muslim city council, portrait of a changing Michigan city. Link.

Futuristics / Tech
Tripcase: Infographic on current mobile trends. Link.
Facebook’s AI expert, explaining Deep Learning and the current AI revolution. Link.
… affects computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, more…
How smart Facebook’s AI has become (a little scary smart). Link.
Long paper: How robots, AI, machine-learning will affect employment, public policy. Link.
Toyota investing $1 billion in AI research. Link.
You, only better: what if you could upgrade your body like your phone? Link.
Scoble: you will be tracked, and you will like it. (Maybe.) Link.
Atlantic, on tracking: “if you’re not paranoid, you’re crazy.” Link.


“It’s not that I’m so smart. I just stay with the question longer.” Albert Einstein

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure will.” Suzy Kassem

“If a man isn’t willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he’s no good.” Ezra Pound

“Rebelling against God & wrestling with God are two very different things. It’s hard to wrestle with someone without being in close contact.” Beth Moore

“You can create a stronger movement with 12 disciples than with 1200 consumers.” Alan Hirsch

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