Life among the unreached, 7: Tianjin explosion, more

1. “Iraqi Christians living in limbo” [in Jordan]. Dallas Morning News.
2. The Explosion in Tianjin:
video of explosion from dashboard cam
“...looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland in astonishing drone footage…”
aftermath of tianjin blast
CCTVNews: death toll rises to 50, 701 injured, 71 in serious condition
Xinhua: 217-strong nuclear, biological, chemical specialist team arrives in Tianjin
Tianjin closes drains to Bohai sea to stem chemical leak
Global News: CNN. NYT. WSJ. Reuters 1. Reuters 2. BBC.
3. ISIS claims deadly bombing at busy market in Baghdad. 80 dead.
4. Stunning 4K Drone footage of Guilin and Yangshuo
5. Top 10 places to visit in Tibet. Photos.
6. ISIS enshrines a theology of rape: how it codified sex slavery. NYT.