Large Populations, Many Movements

Click the image for the full-size version. I’m experimenting with the Global Ministry Mapping System I just received from GMI, attaching data from my District Survey. Here’s a first map. It’s pretty simple–just mapping populations by province, for 2010–but even simple maps can be profound. Leave aside for the moment the question of which provinces have existing Christian resources, and let’s just think for a moment about the size of the populations. In the map below, as indicated on the key, if the typical movement reaches 100,000 people, each green province (there are a half dozen) will require more than 500 movements. This is a massive challenge that we must face up to. Feel free to download and repost or reuse this map; Patrons will find high resolution copies in both JPG and PDF form in the Patron Dropbox Folder. (Not a Patron? Become one with a single gift of $100 for 2015.)

Many Movements Needed - By Province

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