Life among the Unreached, 4

1. Mongolian wrestling: national Naadam Festival, in pictures. UK Telegraph.
2. Why Libya’s coast guard struggles with migrant tide. The impact of the civil war.
Also, dozens killed in tribal clashes in biggest city in southern Libya (Benghazi).
3. As Beijing becomes a supercity, the rapid growth brings pains. NYT.
4. Migrant boom is Saharan boon: Agadez traffickers profit from movement through Niger to Libya. WSJ.
5. China’s minority Muslims observing Ramadan. AP.
6. Why Pakistan is making Urdu its official language, 68 years after independence. Al Jazeera.
7. Helmand, Afghanistan: life after the UK troop pull out. BBC.
8. Nations concerned about Islamic extremism. Graph from @conradhackett.
9. Azerbaijan continues to highly restrict religious freedom. Forum18.
10. “Her name was Laboni.” Roads & Kingdoms: many women in Bangladesh attracted to the $24 billion garment industry, seeking independent income.

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