Life among the Unreached, 3

1. “Snapchat streams Mecca live as thousands share incredible images of Islam’s holiest city.” Independent.
2. “The rituals of Ramadan.” Reuters, photo series.
3. “Yemen Calling: seven things cell data reveal about life in the Republic.” Foreign Affairs.
4. “Somalia’s post-conflict banana harvest revival.” Al Jazeera.
5. “Field of death: how [airflight] MH17 and its passengers became victims of a distant war.” Mashable.
6. “The fastest growing churches in Nigeria are all less than 30 years old.” Todd Johnson. World of Faith, Winners Chapel, Prosperity Gospel.
7. “The view from inside Syria.” NPR. Text, audio, photos.
8. “Raised from the Dust” and “Only Sons”: two films exploring the lives of modern-day Christians in China.