Futures Perceived, 4

1. Self-driving cars:

2. World’s first malaria vaccine approved. Al Jazeera.
3. Science Mag: special issue all about Artificial Intelligence.
4. How digital books are transforming the school library. Atlantic Monthly.
5. “Only a few multinationals have succeeded in crafting products in emerging markets and selling them worldwide.” HBR.
6. The Exoskeletons are coming. MIT Technology Review.
7. Dubai is using Palm Trees (Smart Palms) to charge your phone. Wired.
8. Asteroid mining firm Planetary Resources launches its first exploratory probe. Mining asteroids could completely change the economy of Earth, and I’ve long thought this is an area Christians should be active in.
9. A link between climate change and ISIS isn’t entirely crazy. Atlantic. ISIS = Water War (sort of).
10. The Genesis Engine: we now have the power to quickly and easily alter DNA. Wired. “It could eliminate disease. It could solve world hunger. It could provide unlimited clean energy. It could really get out of hand.”

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