I don’t normally write articles (too much) about America. I am an American, but I’ve spent so much time in missions and in the non-American world that the typical run of the mill American news just isn’t interesting to me.Americans seem to think our culture is collapsing – that we are somehow post-Christian. I find this laughable. The majority of Americans profess to be Christian (even if they don’t live it). I’ve been in countries where the vast majority (up to 90%) profess earnestly to be NOT Christian – there’s no question about whether they are “true believers” or not. America isn’t remotely comparable to some of those places. I know there’s much that is bad in America. But there’s also much that is good. America has a massive treasury of Christian thinking, resources, and people. I hope the church in America stops thinking of itself as some kind of small, persecuted minority and starts considering how much freedom it has to be a blessing, how much of a blessing it is already, and how much it could do if it just stepped up to the plate. Yes, sin has much freedom in America. But righteousness, Christ-followers, have much freedom too. It seems we spend so much time worrying about whether we’re about to lose our freedoms that we often fail to use them.