Futures Perceived, 1

1. These 7 cities will be among the richest by 2025. CNN: Doha, Bergen, Trondheim, Asan, Rhine Rhur, Macau. Thus attracting diaspora, migrants, political power.
2. Asia’s fastest GDP growing cities, mostly in India, to 2019.
3. Ray Kurzweil’s predictions for the next 25 years. SingularityHub.
4. Protestant groups attracting believers across the North Caucasus. WindowOnEurasia: unconfirmed.
5. Ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia giving Taxi Apps a boost. WSJ: women are main customers for Uber, others.
6. Robots seem to be improving productivity, not costing jobs. HBR.
7. Why the Saudis are going solar. Atlantic.
8. Researchers in Israel have developed a palm size device that can wirelessly steal data from a nearby laptop based on radio waves leaked by its processor’s power use.
9. Is the world running out of food? Economist explains. By 2050, number of ‘food insecure’ people will rise by a third.
10. A chip that mimics human organs is the design of the year. Wired. Will enable better testing, decrease time and cost.

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