Why God gives us money

Why I give someone money:

  1. to buy something (me in a store)
  2. to support someone (me providing money for the activity of my child)
  3. as an act of love or appreciation (a gift for birthday or Christmas or the church or the like)
  4. to invest in someone or something (startup capital, shares in a company, etc)
  5. because it’s required (taxes, fees)
  6. because it’s demanded (bribery, blackmail, etc)

Each of these reasons involve different attitudes and motivations. Some may be small and incidental, and some may be very big. Some may give me good feelings, and some can give me bad.

Why does God give me money?

We say that money for anything (be it ministry or life or whatever) comes ultimately from God. If we believe that, then why do we think God does it?

I’m not asking about the theological definition but rather what we emotionally believe, perhaps in a suppressed sort of way.

Is God buying something from us? Our love? Our obedience? A specific action? Is God supporting us? like a Father supports a child? Is God giving money to us because he loves us? like a Christmas present? (Here, take this short-term vacation) Is God investing in us? Why do investors invest? What do they invest in? What do they not invest in? Is God paying something that is required of him? (If you pay your tithe, God is obligated…) Is God acceding to our demands? (Can a man bribe God? or blackmail him?) The reasons that I have for giving money to someone can drive their responses to me.

A Walmart employee gives me far less time to help me find the right jug of milk than the jeweler will when I’m picking out a gift for my wife.

A thief will react to me differently than a government employee, and probably both different from a venture asking for my investment.

Does what I believe about God’s motives for giving to me… drive my response to Him?

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