Max Group Size, Max Movement Size, Leaving Soon

  1. The maximum size of the group is the size in which every group member can participate, answering all of the Bible Study questions.
  2. The maximum size of the movement is governed by the maximum number of individuals who will start/lead study groups (e.g. churches).
  3. Every story needs the full picture. Don’t start with verse 1 of the chapter if it fits in the middle of a story that began in the previous chapter.
  4. The biggest persecutor of new churches in an emerging movement is often pre-existing churches that aren’t growing and crave their growth.
  5. Thousands of workers in a field, paid minimally, desperate for any fruit (because more fruit = more money) (vanity metrics) will do whatever they can to grab the fruit of others.
  6. Leaving Soon is a key element. Leave soon, leave them Scripture, disciple from afar. Groups where leaders don’t lead, don’t multiply.

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