An ekklesia for every person

What can be done to get to a church for every people will not necessarily get us to the Gospel for every person.

The most obvious challenge to ‘the Gospel for every person’ is the roughly 93 million new children born to non-Christian homes per year (most to Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist homes).

What we do to achieve “the Gospel for every person” today in x place, will not necessarily achieve “the Gospel for every person” five years from now. Campaigns will have to be rerun, attrited missionaries will have to be replaced…

To get to “the Gospel for every person” today and tomorrow, we must have a church for every person. And not just a building, but an ekklesia—the church as community—connected by friendship into the lives of every person.

Such a community endures, grows, expands. It is not just a one-time campaign, but rather an organic, living entity that can befriend and live life with those alive now as well as future generations.

This would address the very large challenge: 86% of non-believers (particularly Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists) worldwide do not personally know a believer.

Stop aiming for a church for every people.

Start aiming for an ekklesia for every person.

“The Word put on flesh… and moved into the neighborhood…”

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